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What story is God weaving with your life? Part 2

 —  February 20, 2009 — 1 Comment

Tasha: Why is the process important to you as a Christian?

•Zarat: Helps to continually rid my life of imbalance because I am a recovering workaholic

•Helps me to reorganize my life around what really matters.

•Helps me to cultivate and master what only I can do (my unique giftedness) and stop trying to be a well-rounded, “Jack-of-All-Trades/Master of None”

•Encourages freedom for me to be who I was created to be because I will have no excuses at the end of my life

•Any written document can serve as a powerful assessment tool and guide. The written LifePlan, if utilized and updated regularly, creates checkpoints, standards, discoveries and learnings of who God is and has created me to be. What we do is an outflow of who we are. Just like a budget, a legal plan, financial plan, workout plan, nutrition plan, career development plan, business plan, etc. can give a clear picture of past, present, and future. The LifePlan has even greater power as it encourages me to look strategically at all areas of my life, based on my unique giftedness.

•The LifePlan is fully activated and realized when we continually surrender to God, the Creator of one’s LifePlan. I am learning that this is a continual process of humbling oneself to face new realities and act accordingly.

Tasha: How long have you been a Life PlannerCoach?

•Zarat: I have been a Life Coach/Planner more than half of my life, working with those around me. Early on, I remember creating a plan for myself because I have always desired strategic focus. I must admit that it was just a shell, not compared to Tom’s comprehensive LifePlanning process.

•I started coaching professionally seven years ago, after completing my LifePlan. Several years later I became an Advanced Certified LifePlanner, trained by the founder, Tom Paterson. I now integrate the lifeplanning with coaching for maximum effectiveness and return on investment.

Tasha: What made you become interested and certified in Life Planning?

•Zarat: My Pastor, Dr. Bryan E. Crute, was instrumental in me hearing about Tom’s LifePlanning process and getting my LifePlan facilitated.

•After receiving my LifePlan in 2001, I knew that LifePlanning would be a vital process in accomplishing my life mission.

•I believe in the LifePlan process as a tool that I’ve seen God use to clarify and give future direction for numerous people.

Tasha: Why should a person consider the Life Planning process?

•Zarat: If that person is maneuvering through a crossroad in their life.

•If they want to better discern God’s unique path for them specifically.

•If that person desires greater balance between his/her many responsibilities.

•If that person wants to invest more of WHO they are into WHAT they do, being confident and clear saying “yes” and “no” to opportunities

•If that person wants a written strategic plan/map that highlights one’s redeemed past, present reality, and incredible future.

•If that person wants a proven, reusable process for continued growth and development regardless of the life season

Tasha: Is there a perfect or better time in a person’s life to start?

•Zarat: Generally those who are experiencing an overwhelming life crisis or participating in lay or professional counseling should wait before engaging in the LifePlan process.

Tasha: What about married couples? Do they do the Life Plan as a couple or as individuals?

•Zarat: The LifePlanning process can create greater synergy, appreciation and focus for couples. With all of what married couples face and desire to accomplish, this is an invaluable opportunity for transformation in their lives and family.

•The LifePlanner can assess which way to facilitate the process.

Latasha Morrison


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