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Unconventional Families Become Normal

 —  November 13, 2013 — 2 Comments

A new generation of families.  

Someone said to me yesterday, “The unconventional family is becoming the new norm.”  Divorced, blended, unchurched, de-churched, and “baby mama,” are all a reality.  Grandparents, foster parents, relatives and friends are all raising “someone else’s” children, right here in America.  I talked to a young woman just the other day who said, “It shocked me when I became a volunteer in a wealthy church how handy my counseling degree would be with those kids. They are abused, neglected and isolated.”

The question is this?  How will we choose to view them?  I had the opportunity last month to speak to the audience at the D6 Family Conference and share my thoughts. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for loving students,



Leneita Fix

Leneita Fix


Leneita Fix is the Director of Ministry Development for Aslan Youth Ministries, a family focused urban ministry serving Monmouth County New Jersey and Haiti. She has been working in some form of youth and family ministry for almost 22 years. In addition she has launched the coaching and resource organization, Front Line Urban Resources with Jeffrey Wallace serving those who work with families living in survival mode. The early years were spent in camp ministry, suburban and rural youth groups. With the Lord’s moving the last 17 of those years have been spent ministering in three different urban areas to primarily unchurched families (New Jersey, Virginia, Florida back to New Jersey). Her responsibilities have included Bible based program direction for children ages 5-18, curriculum writing, staff training and recruiting, discipleship, resource creation and speaking to national audiences. Her passion is to raise up workers in practical, relationship-driven methods while remaining in the trenches with the youth and families she loves. Her goal is to help others understand every student living in a survival mindset can and will be transformed in Christ. One of her greatest joys is serving in ministry as a family with her husband three wonderful children, and her niece. Simply she resides among her friends in the city just living life as a family that loves being there. You can contact her at leneitafix@aslanyouth.org.

2 responses to Unconventional Families Become Normal

  1. Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. I really enjoyed this video and I can see your heart pour out when you speak. I, too, have been called for a similar life of reaching out to young men whom God has died for but society neglects. I am currently an Xray tech full time but volunteer as a youth pastor 30+ hours a week. After seeing the statistics of boys who are fatherless it broke my heart. Since then God has called me to remain single (spiritual gift!) and has used me to mentor many young men whom still contact me and have an active part of their life. Many people look at my calling and life as odd but its eternal things I am striving for. Think about the world we live in and out of all the years we could be born into, God chose US to minister in THESE end times. What a HIGH calling this is! I do not take it lightly or believe you do as well. BTW I am also from MASS (Berkshires) but now reside in Georgia. Keep it up, praying for you and your ministry.

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