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Video Clips for Messages

 —  July 28, 2013 — 3 Comments

vhsA youth worker recently asked, “Was curious to know where everyone gets video clips for their messages/programs/etc?” It is kind of a no brainer to look on youtube and Vimeo but it is so hard to find credible content.  I do not have a secret formula for looking up great videos for messages but a couple of tips are to…

  • Follow the accounts of people you like
  • Save links your friends and students send
  • Save links from videos that go viral

Saving links in a trusty place (evernote, note app, word doc, etc) can help you find usable content in the future. I mentioned wimp.com yesterday, it is just one of many sites that post tons of videos that are on the viral radar. Do a search for top youtube videos, you will have days of content to sift through and you may find some gems. **Not all videos are above board, guard your heart!**

Here is a list of sites I have used content from. These sites are ministry focused and have great video illustrations, mini-movies, and intros. Try clicking through the list and search their content, most of these videos have a price but if it helps you communicate your message it is probably worth it.

What sites are you using to get video clips for messages?

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I have been serving in youth ministry for nearly 20 years, am currently the Director of Student Ministries at Valley Church in Des Moines, IA, and am on a first name basis with several Best Buy and Apple employees. My wife Keri and I have been married over ten years and have three great boys. My four favorite things are Jesus, my wife, Chicago Style Pizza, and fighting off our boys with sweet ninja moves.

3 responses to Video Clips for Messages

  1. Tony Myles

    I’m always a fan of “free” – here’s another great one: http://www.creationswap.com/

  2. Justin Sanford July 31, 2013 at 9:55 am

    I’m not a huge fan of sermon spice, simply because I don’t think the cost justifiable on most budgets. For a lot of content on there, you are paying like $20 for a few minutes of content. I like the other suggestions though. Bluefish usually includes great video clip content with their teaching kits. I have had a lot of success with those. With all that being said, this area of ministry is worth putting a little time into. We are ministering to a culture that is extremely visual!

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