You’ve heard of heart monitors and devices that enable doctors to keep track of brain activity.

Did you know that you can keep track of the activity in your soul?

soulpulseApparently, that’s the premise behind – an ongoing research study conducted by a team of sociologists and psychologists. Even noted pastor and author John Ortberg is one of the team members supporting this. According to the website, SoulPulse “explores the role of spirituality in everyday life and how it relates character, health, well-being, and daily circumstances. It also gives participants a way to grow personally by learning more about their own spirituality.”

SoulPulse primarily relies on collecting data through smartphones or tablets (or email, if needed) as participants record how they’re feeling from one moment to the next. This data is then matched to their profile, creating an understanding of any trends that show when they’re most apt to connect with God or experience a fruit of the Spirit. After fourteen days, a summary report maps out the trends so people can better understand which activities best foster spiritual awareness. covered the story. noting the spiritual journey of the project’s head researcher Bradley Wright, a University of Connecticut Professor and author of “Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites… and Other Lies You’ve Been Told,” The website itself also adds in its FAQ section, “SoulPulse is open to all people regardless of religious belief. Participants who don’t believe in God can respond about a higher power or whatever is holy to them.”

What do you think of this?

dropbox_logoIf you have not heard about Dropbox it is an incredibly versatile online storage tool. It is like having a 2 GB thumb drive with you all the time and it is free.  If you do not have a DropBox account get one here.

I’ve recently started saving all of my working documents (sermon prep, message outlines, letters to staff or parents, etc) directly to my Dropbox folder and NOT to my computers hard drive. This helps me access that file on my phone, my laptop, or at the office. Plus, if my computer shuts down, battery dies, or the software crashes I don’t have to worry about whether my document is saved or not.

Intrigued? What to know more? Watch the video below and download Dropbox!



I had 10 webpages open in Google Chrome on my iPhone and another 7 on my iPad that I wanted to have open on my Mac. I was studying in too many locations and I needed to bring it all together. If it is one or two pages, I would typically email a link to myself. I could have done that or saved these URLs to my bookmarks in the cloud but I wanted something faster, and something I would not have to clean-up later.

With a quick google search I found that I can see any open tabs on any device. All I needed to do was have Google Chrome installed and running on each device and be signed into my Google account within each browser. This beats bookmarking or emails link after link to myself. If you are syncing on all devices, here’s how it works…

  • Open your Chrome browser on your computer, click the tabTHIING then click RECENT TABS > MORE to view all your synced devices and the tabs they have open.
  • Likewise, on your iOS or Android devices open your Chrome browser and look for this same button tabTHIING, click it and choose “Other Devices.” You should be able to see a list of all open tabs on your Mac and/or any other devices where you are signed in to Chrome browser.

If you need to sync, check out this short Google “how to.”


I am always looking for cool videos to show in our ministry, this will become an opener as a Christmas countdown! Enjoy

Christmas Song TriviaIf you’re looking for a last minute addition to your weekend programming, try this game created by our student ministry team.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Song Trivia QUESTIONS

Christmas Song Trivia ANSWERS

1a4YVx.AuSt.69You may have heard back in 2006, when my Chicago Bears we playing the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl®, that the NFL told Fall Creek Baptist Church they were in violation of trademark laws for marketing a Super Bowl® party and charging for this party. This blog post on Fox News says…

NFL officials spotted a promotion of Fall Creek Baptist Church’s “Super Bowl Bash” on the church Web site last week (2006) and overnighted a letter to the pastor demanding the party be canceled, the church said.

Initially, the league objected to the church’s plan to charge a fee to attend and that the church used the license-protected words “Super Bowl” in its promotions.

Pastor John D. Newland said he told the NFL his church would not charge anyone and that it would drop the use of the forbidden words.

As I am sitting here planning my 2014 events calendar I thought to myself, “Can I have a Super Bowl® party or do I need to have a “Big Game Party?”

I am not sure what legal precautions I need to take so I do not infringe on the trademarked Super Bowl® or their intellectual rights. I found this video from a law office in Texas, don’t take these words as the absolute truth, but this may be all you need to know to make sure you and your church are above reproach:




One of my favorite church media websites is giving away a killer Christmas series graphic. Check out for the specs and to download.