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Grab This: Scrivener and Index Card

 —  March 31, 2012 — 3 Comments

In my web travels I have come across a much talked about writing app called “Scrivener” and writers seem to love it.   Literature & Latte (the creators of the app) describe Scrivener as “a powerful content-generation tool for writers designed for composing and structuring long and difficult documents. While it gives you complete control of the formatting, its focus is on getting you to the end of that awkward first draft.”  I have been using Scrivener off and on for about 5 months and cannot get a rhythm with it. This is probably due the fact that I am a burst writer, I am writing 400 word column and blog posts. Check out the video below, it gives a great visual rundown of the app.

However I have found a very practical use for “Scrivener” in combination with “Index Card” an iPad app.  I have been using note cards to teach tech from. When I am talking to a youth ministry class, a group of youth workers, or my SYMC workshops I am knee deep in hand written notes.  I know, lame right, the tech guy speaking from paper…it might as well be the year 2004!  The cool thing here is that these two apps play together nicely.  If I am in Index Card creating digital notecards I can backup from my iPad to DropBox and restore from DropBox in Scrivener on my Mac (Scrivener is available for Mac and PC).  The Index Card app is a great purchase, it makes Scrivener a better tool but you do not need Scrivener if you are jsut looking for a solid digital notecard app. These apps are a great find for any writer!

I find my self using Word less and less, and apps like these, Evernote, and iA writer more and more. What are the main ways you are capturing ideas, notes, and writing blogs, books, and messages?

Brandon Early

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I have been serving in youth ministry for nearly 20 years, am currently the Director of Student Ministries at Valley Church in Des Moines, IA, and am on a first name basis with several Best Buy and Apple employees. My wife Keri and I have been married over ten years and have three great boys. My four favorite things are Jesus, my wife, Chicago Style Pizza, and fighting off our boys with sweet ninja moves.

3 responses to Grab This: Scrivener and Index Card

  1. Im using Toodledo a lot these days. Evernote has way too much going on for me, not that that’s a bad thing, but for what I need Toodledo does the trick. Easy organization, online acces, plus it has a task list as well. 2.99, not too bad.

    Does index card allow you to print out actual cards, or does it become one big text file when you export?

    • I’ve heard good things about Toodledo. Index Card saves out as a document not cards, it would be cool to print out cards.

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