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5 Hot Graphic Design Apps for Your iPad

 —  February 17, 2014 — 1 Comment


I would prefer to get behind my computer, open Photoshop, and crank through a design project, but sometimes I am on the move and only have my iPad. Just last week I needed to create a background for a talk I was doing, and I was away from my MacBook. I browsed through the app store and found a few apps that were pretty cool. These apps (and a couple I had on my iPad) could do things I am not sure I could ever do quite as well in Photoshop…and they were done in seconds.

Quick disclaimer: These apps are not going to replace Photoshop. There are limitations to each app, but overall they are pretty sick and for a combined $10-ish they are totally worth checking out.

Phoster: $1.99

Phoster is almost as simple as it’s name, it is a simple poster, card, and cover creator. There are several templates and slick finishes (textures, stains, and colors) to help you make an interesting event flyer/poster. I mostly use Phoster for creating notebook covers for apps like Noteshelf. I grabbed it from the app store a last year when it was free, but I would say it is worth the $1.99 they are asking.

Tangent: $1.99

Tangent is another app I picked up when it was free in the app store but is totally worth the price. If you get stuck while thinking of creative design elements Tangent will help you crank through. This app takes a photo from your camera roll and turns it into a work of art.


Fragment: $1.99

This app is like shredding your image through a hipster kaleidoscope on steroids. Upload an image and tweak the color, shape, and size of the different colors, shapes, and sizes. I know that last sentence might not have made sense but it is true…you just tweak the tweaks. Creative, fun, and customizable.

LoryStripes: $1.99
This app adds all sorts of strips or ribbons to any image. Sounds kind of lame right? Not at all, these are not just friendly lines, they are visually appealing in a way that adds to the image. You get color, you get shading, and you get a really cool depth effect in LoryStripes. Take a peek at some of the screenshots in the app store, you definitely get a unique look and feel.

Deco Sketch: $2.99
Allows you to draw shapes on an image. I would say this is more of an accent app than a core app, at $2.99 it is the most expensive app in this bunch and might not be worth it if you are only looking for a couple apps to start with. But if you are looking for an app or two to make a “final touch” then Deco Sketch and LoryStripes are pretty cool to finish off your collection.


Quick Tip: I have all of these installed and I rarely use one at a time. I often take one image and run in through multiple apps. For example, I might take a picture of the sky, run it through Tangent, save it and run the saved image through LoryStrips. I think I used three of these 5 apps to create the opening image for this post.

Come check out one of my tech workshops at #SYMC, I will demo these for you!

What design apps are you using on your iPad?


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One response to 5 Hot Graphic Design Apps for Your iPad

  1. Phoster is a great app! I’ve also tried Phonto and Over and those both have some nice options as well!

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