PAS01If you use games for youth ministry then here is a free, easy-to-play game you can download today. Pick Sides is simply a game where you…

  • Flash up a slide
  • Each slide displays 2 options
  • Students vote which option they like by moving to a side of the room

Download the slides here. Hopefully they are a little funny, a little awkward, and a little thought provoking.

PRO TIP: This is an easy game to play to if you want to tie in your lesson. Just grab this background and pepper in a few “would you rather “question that have to do with your message.



Found a great infographic at to use for this coming Easter weekend.

If you are looking for a message or some study help for this Easter check out these FREE resources from Youth Ministry 360 and LeaderTreks. In addition to downloading their great freebies, click over to the Simply Youth Ministry store and check out the great resources YM360 and LeaderTreks are creating for youth workers and students.




I am a ProPresenter user. It is robust and meets all my needs, but it comes with a pretty steep price. If your church owns a site license, ask them for the download code, otherwise it will cost your budget $399. If you are looking for a more affordable option and you have “been there done that” with PowerPoint and Keynote I recommend you try Prezi. I have always liked the idea of using Prezi. It is visually pleasing and pretty easy to use.

When I needed to be mobile with my presentations (meaning I had to use my iPhone or iPad) I use Apple’s Keynote, it was inexpensive, easy to edit “on the go,” and bonus…there was an iOS remote app. I will be giving Prezi a shot at a couple “on the go” presentations now…Why now?

Well, I just noticed (not sure when they had the official update) that Prezi has finally added an iPad edit/create feature with templates. Previous versions were only viewers, you could only play presentations that were created on your computer. Now I can create a presentation from start to finish directly on my iPad. It is easier to navigate and create from a computer, but if I need to correct a misspelllllingg or need to add a slide I can fix it from my iPad. By the way, Prezi is FREE.


download-3352Simply Youth Ministry’s Easter Media Basket ($9.99):
This bundle includes…

  • 10 Backgrounds (5 for Palm Sunday, 5 for Easter)
  • 2 Motion Backgrounds (1 for Palm Sunday, 1 for Easter)
  • 2 Countdowns (1 for Palm Sunday, 1 for Easter)
  • 2 Editable Postcards (1 for Palm Sunday, 1 for Easter)
  • 2 Editable Posters (1 for Palm Sunday, 1 for Easter)

The Skit Guys Easter Video ($9.99):

This cool video might inspire and spark ideas. I am a master at #6.


Brandon/ @uthguy9

stuffHere is a list of my favorite “FREE STUFF” websites. If you are looking for help with sermon series ideas, graphic, and games then you have should bookmark this post!

You remember that famous quote:
“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” ― Abraham Lincoln

By now I trust you know our iPhone “HotSpot” post was an April Fools Joke. While I thought it was a good post, I saw some GREAT April Fools jokes on the web today. Here are a few of my favorites:

BeardSwipe from iStrategyLabs on Vimeo.

Nest + Virgin America
I LOVE MY NEST, This would have been Amazing!

SwiftKey Flow Hard (But it hurts…)

Flipboard Creates FlappyBoard! (It really works)

R2D2′s Secret Message

Airbnb lets you rent other people homes for a time, now at Airbrb they rent desks!

Airbnb Presents: Airbrb from Airbnb on Vimeo.

NPR Says Hollywood is remaking Citizen Kane…Wait for it…

























Find more great pranks by Googling “April Fools” and narrowing your search to the last day or so.

Brandon / @uthguy9