I wrote this job description this afternoon for my friend, Becca, the YP at FUMC here in my home town. Then, I thought, “I think I’ll share this!” Recruiting someone who keeps up with the youth room for themes and seasons is a great way to give a small church youth group and room a boost. It sends the message, “We care about you!” (The pictures attached are what two small churches did when I challenged them to spruce things up.)


Position Description

Objective:   This person is someone who loves to decorate for creating a mood and assists with keeping the youth areas/rooms freshly organized..


  • Works alongside the Director (Dir.) to coordinate the themes.
  • Ensures that the look of the youth rooms stays up-to-date, inviting, functional  and clean!
  • Prepares any needed budget for yearly design or discovers ways to have others support the design through gifts or donations. For example, a registry of needed items at Walmart or Target.
  • Decorates the youth ministry space as desired for themes and holidays.
  • Recommends and accomplishes any necessary room re-arrangements.
  • Recommends and facilitates creative ways to highlight the youth ministry throughout the church building.  Examples include bulletin board, announcement displays for an upcoming theme or event.
  • Builds and coordinates a team of 2-3 other people (possibly youth) since multiple minds makes for creativity!
  • Works alongside other volunteer coordinators as needed.

Possible Spiritual Gifts:  Hospitality, Nurture, Administration, Vision, Leadership                                           (Don’t worry; not all of these are needed!)

Time Commitment:  Approximately 2-3 hours per month

Resources:  The Director of Youth Ministry and the YM Leadership will support this person through needed communication, budget sources when available and many appreciative pats on the back!


A few weeks back we posted a question on whether or not to build a dedicated youth ministry space in the Church. The general consensus was, if you can do it, do it! So it begs the question, if you are going to build a youth ministry room or building, what are the non-negotiables as far as outfitting it? If you have a space, what could you not imagine living without, or was there something that you wished you put into the original plans?

  • Creative Space?
  • Foosball?
  • Ping Pong?
  • Stage?
  • Tortilla Maker?
  • Chocolate Fountain?
  • Fridge?
  • Lazy River?
  • Fixed Mount Projector?
  • Emergency Eye Wash Station?

Let us know what your must have elements are AND what are the things that you would not include if you could do it all over again?

GS – Twitter

We had a letter come in from a youth worker asking about building a youth room. Not every Youth Ministry has a dedicated youth space, like mine for example where we share common space with the Church, and Josh, well lets not go there! :)  It would be great to hear what your perspective is on this question:

We are in the process of a transition and conversations are beginning about building a dedicated youth space. But is it worth the investment? Do we build it for the group we have or one much bigger? Are there negative aspects to having a dedicated student space that I have not thought of? 

What do you think? Lets help this youth worker out, share your experiences, good or bad with building a dedicated youth room.