Ever give a message to a group of teens and afterwards think, “That message was great, I need to add that message to my THAT JUST HAPPENED folder” and then immediately brought back to earth by a kid like this?

I want the messages I deliver to point to Jesus not me…I am not as arrogant as the statement above, but I do have those moments when I think I finally “got through.” I want teens to get it and just when I think I had a break through there’s always the kid who gives me the ” Oh yeah, I guess that was ok…”  LOL, there is no sermon here, this video just made me laugh when I started thinking about kids in my youth ministry.

Videos like this are great for youth ministry announcements, leader meetings, and in our messages, I found this video on wimp.com. If you are looking for fun, funny and interesting videos block off a little time and click over to wimp!

How and where are you finding videos you use in your ministry?