PAS01If you use games for youth ministry then here is a free, easy-to-play game you can download today. Pick Sides is simply a game where you…

  • Flash up a slide
  • Each slide displays 2 options
  • Students vote which option they like by moving to a side of the room

Download the slides here. Hopefully they are a little funny, a little awkward, and a little thought provoking.

PRO TIP: This is an easy game to play to if you want to tie in your lesson. Just grab this background and pepper in a few “would you rather “question that have to do with your message.




In my deal sightings today I would a killer deal you might want to get in on. Right now (9:20am Friday May 24) Amazon has a 128GB USB Flash Drive for under $80. My first computer cost $650 and only had a 256MB harddrive. If you need more portable storage this is a great deal!

minutetowinitA few years ago youth ministries were blessed with NBC’s Minute To Win It. It was a fun show but more than that it gave youth ministry nearly one hundred fresh game ideas! I have used several of these games the past 2 or so years but have wanted it to be easier to to grab a game. This week I stumbled upon a PDF file with a tone of Minute To Win It Games. Click, download, and pass on to who ever leads your game time!

freeMore free stuff links. We play a game almost every week in our youth services and these sites help me look good. Here are a handful of very helpful resources that have games for you to download freely. Click, browse, and get ready for teens!

What great, free game sites are you using that I am missing?


Kurt had a great post yesterday about some basic speaking tips and helps for youth workers running games. Thought there was some good stuff here, head there for the full piece:

LEAVE THEM WANTING MORE: A short lesson is almost always better than a long one! Nobody ever complained that the lesson was too short. Plus, a short lesson leaves your junior highers actually wanting to hear more. Short games are almost always better than long ones, too. Playing their favorite game too often ends up making it a game they are tired of and no longer get excited to play.

THE PAYOFF NEEDS TO EQUAL THE SET UP: The longer it takes to tell a story in your lesson, the better the punchline or application needs to be. When you start by saying, I’ve got the most hilarious story in the world to share it better be a pretty stinkin hilarious story. If you say, Today’s lesson could be the most important one I’ve ever taught it better be really important! A game that takes 10 minutes to explain and 35 seconds to play is a fail the payoff didn’t equal the set-up. When you send out a text claiming, tonight in JH ministry we will play a game of epic proportions  only to have the game be a rousing game of musical chairs, you lose.


alpha-gamesIf you have not heard of the Youth Alpha course you might want to check it out, if you were at SYMC 2013 you may have seen their booth. Learn about Youth Alpha here.

While browns the web today I found a slew of games ideas on their site…YES, I SAID A SLEW! Click over to their games site and grab a digital slide of a game for your ministry this week!




This week we played a youth ministry classic…BACK TO BACK.
It is pretty simple:

Round 1…

  • Get students in pairs
  • Sit on the floor “back to back”
  • Using only their legs as leverage, stand up

Round 2…

  • Have the pairs that were able to do it grab another pair
  • Now in groups or 4 try again.

Rounds 3…4…5…

  • If your group is large enough have the winning groups of 4 find another group of 4
  • Or just keep adding students to the circle and see how many can accomplish this back to back mission

Things to know:

  • This game is not skirt/dress friendly
  • Have music in the back ground, this always feels better
  • Find a prize. If you think you are going to have a bunch of winners buy a bag of sun size snickers so you have a lot of cheap prizes
  • Why is this tech? Grab the graphic for free. Put it up on your screens while your playing!


The makers of the backyard game of Spikeball are giving away a combo pack of the incredibly epic game to one lucky MTDB reader! It is honestly one of our favorite summertime games in our high school ministry! To get in on the action, leave a comment on this blog post and you’re in the running to get a full set. Never heard of the game? Check out their website to check out how it works and use promo code DIVE35 to get 10% off if you want to get one of your own, too!