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This spring, your students can serve people in need at the Big Day of Serving….a nationwide tour of “day of service” events created just for students. Christian teens in local communities unite to serve and transform neighborhoods in need. You’re receiving this email because there’s an event in a town near you.

Bring your students and watch them discover the joy of serving in their own community. They’ll paint, tackle minor home repairs, clean city blocks and parks, landscape, and more. Expect a high-energy, Jesus-centered event where your students discover their actions truly can make a difference in the world.

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I’m priviledged to be out visiting a couple of our mission trip locations this week.  I get to observe youth group doing what we all love – experiencing the life-changing “magic” of a mission trip.

The first day of a mission can be the hardest.  New place.  New people.  New… everything.  But it’s also one of the most fun days of a mission trip.  Because… New place.  New people. New everything.

I was at the “first day” of one of our mission trips yesterday.  A youth group of about 25 (which was over 1/3 of the entire trip) was there all in dayglo or neon green t-shirts.  They were high energy and fun and excited and unified and… well… they included everyone in on it.  They didn’t separate themselves.  They didn’t just focus on their “stuff.”  They cheered just as wild and crazy when another youth group was introduced as when they were.  It was infectious.

Their energy made a difference.  It made that first day a good day.  A good day for everyone.

Remember that the next “First Day” of your next mission trip.  You may not actually have neon t-shirts but wear them anyway… So to speak.

We received the following note from the principle of a high school that served as the lodging facility for one of our Workcamps this summer.  I wanted to share because the ministry you do on a mission trip is so much more than just on the “project” you are assigned to work on.  Your ministry will touch lives you may never even know – like a High School principle.  Serve well!

I just wanted to let you know that we had a great week of camp here.  As Principal, I could not think of a better use for our building.  With the work of the kids, 58 different families in our community were helped.  Folks who I am sure never thought that they would see the things repaired, repainted, roofed, you name it.

I got to know your staff well.  They are some good folks and you can be very proud of what they accomplished here.  God used them in a mighty way to prepare hearts for worship, giving God’s love to the community and just making the week a great experience for all of the campers, and for me and my staff.

I know that it may be a few years before we might host another camp, but as I told the staff, as long as I am Principal, Workcamps will always be welcomed.

Hope the rest of the summer is as much of a blessing for your organization.  If you have a the same kind of people as you did here, I know that there will be blessings all over the country.

May God continue to Bless you all and thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of something special.

God Bless,  Principle Knox

Recording and keeping the memories from your mission trip can be frustrating. Do you drag a bunch of technology and equipment with you? Do you just collect stuff from everyone once your back? Our friend Justin Boling at Simply Insider has some great thoughts.

Easy Made Mission Memories

It’s always hard when you get to the end of your mission trip preparation and you’re still short of money.  There is so much work that goes into getting ready for your trip.  You’ve gone through the process of deciding which students go.  You work hard to chose great adults to attend with you.  Then you have pre-trip meetings, devotional material, team-building times, and of course… fundraising.  It’s all a pretty big job.  A job that is very time consuming.  All that work and to come to the end a little short on money can be really hard.  Here’s a post from one of our discussion boards just a couple weeks ago.

Just had a fund raiser on Saturday- Car Wash- no price- love donations only. Did you know people will gladly throw a $20 in a bucket to watch the kids work their tails off to wash a car? Raised $877.14 (214 pennies from under the floor mats) in 4 hours! Next up- large Yard Sale!

Sometimes all that is needed is a little more energy and trying the tried and true one more time.  Car Washes and Yard Sales are not new fundraising ideas but who cares if they’re new and innovative.  If they work, then they work.  You can’t argue with $800.

Give one of these a try.  The nice thing is they don’t require a lot of planning.  A car wash needs a couple hoses, some buckets, some rags and soap.  And a Yard Sale might be just as easy if there are people in your church who are planning on having garage sales.

I hope you’ve finished with all your fundraising.  If you haven’t, try these last minute ideas.

A couple weeks ago a youth leader took his group on a one day service project with The Big Day of Serving.  He wrote a “review” blog post afterwards.

Review of Big Day Nashville

I appreciate how this youth leader understood the connection between service and the spiritual growth of his students.  And it’s neat how a single day serving now has his group excited about serving longer term.