I forgot to post this awesome video from El Toro Owns the Weekend a couple of weeks ago – the students did a great job that weekend with the message and theme “Wave Goodbye” to the old sinful man. They made this video to help reinforce the theme. And this one was incredible, too. Fun!


This video is quite honestly the best student video we’ve ever had in our high school ministry. You Own the Weekend is my favorite series of the year … incredible.


Died laughing at this promo video students made for next week’s last weekend of You Own the Weekend. Made me laugh out loud -excited to see what the students of Tesoro High School come up with for the finale!



Weekend Teaching Series: You Own the Weekend: Capo High School (week 3 of 5)

Sermon in a Sentence: We try to fill our life with so many things … but only Christ fills.
Service Length:
 63 minutes

Understandable Message: This week two students took on the message they had chosen – Nikki (I blogged a little bit about her last week already) and Bryce (the president of the school’s FCA). Both of them were incredibly comfortable on stage and did a great job teaching about the hole inside all of us that students try to fill with so many different things. They were both honest about their past journey and struggles and really helped students understand their searching for what they hope fills them is a perilous and in the end, empty pursuit. They did a great job!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Great environment this weekend – the coffee cup became synonimous with the idea that Christ fills, so the room was decorated with lots of cups and coffee beans. They also had a funny video about Jesus pouring water on people, helping them realize they needed His filling. Lots of student greeters and energy.

Music Playlist: Cups [Anna Kendrick cover], Go, Our God, God Above All

Favorite Moment: The inflatable cougar mascot head filling up our whole entryway. Love it. Oh, and the high school principal came to youth group. So awesome!

Up next: You Own the Weekend: El Toro High School (week 4 of 5)


Weekend Teaching Series: You Own the Weekend: Mission Viejo High School (week 2 of 5)

Sermon in a Sentence: We’re all sinking.
Service Length:
 63 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend the students did an incredible job owning the service – every aspect was done by students from that high school and they did an absolutely incredible job. The theme was we’re all sinking and they talked about how we’re sinking in life without Christ and did a great job explaining the plan of salvation to the youth group. These weekends surge in attendance every year, so it was awesome for them to have such a clear, focused message with a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Killer decorations – they took a totally different approach and rather than going all out with their school mascots,logos and colors they themed it very aquatic – super creative and a nice change of pace from the typical You Own the Weekend. My favorite was the entry way with green streamers hanging from the ceiling, made it feel like you were walking through seaweed when you walked into the youth room. Hilarious videos, too!

Music Playlist: Under the Sea [Disney cover remix], The Earth is Yours, Always, 10,000 Reasons

Favorite Moment: After the service was over students pointed to leaders if someone had questions or had made a decision during the service. But more importantly, they offered themselves to talk to others. This is the essence of You Own the Weekend – students take the lead. Love it.

Up next: You Own the Weekend: Capo (week 3 of 5)

So Proud of You, Niki

 —  March 27, 2013 — 2 Comments


This is Niki.

This weekend she spoke in our high school ministry. She was the main speaker for Capo High School’s You Own the Weekend (YOTW) and did an incredible job at our annual student-led services. I love her journey of the past 4 years:

Freshman year – atheist, but on the Capo YOTW decorating team
Sophomore year – became a follower of Jesus, shared testimony
Junior year – started serving, director in the video control room
Senior year – totally sold out to Christ, taught the message

Incredible. Stuff like this makes it all worth it.


Loved this simple video our students made for part of their “Christ Fills” weekend during You Own the Weekend.


The students from Capo made some great videos for this weekend – including this funny one starring Jesus. Their theme was Christ fills, and examined how we try to find fulfillment in so many other things as high school students. Good stuff!