Ringing in the New Year here with a little boost to the Gamerscore on my Xbox 360. 32,000 is the latest mark to run past – thanks to some Christmas break gaming of Sega Genesis Collection (C+), Mini Ninjas (B+), Wall-E (B) and the really-fun-and-very-underrated Fracture (A-). You can read my 360’s blog all about it right here. Good times!


Thanks to Guitar Hero: World Tour (B+), Spyro the Dragon (B+) and Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (B-), my gamerscore on the Xbox360 crossed 31,000 this weekend. Woohoo!


While I was checking out the new Microsoft Store in our mall, I was interviewed by C|Net for an article they were running on the opening. Just found out it was online, here’s a clip for fun:

To that end, Microsoft has pulled out every tool in its arsenal, from PCs to phones to the Xbox 360, as well as a huge “video wall” made up of dozens of 42-inch flat screens connected to form a single, though constantly changing, image or video display.

But by far the biggest draw is a product that isn’t even for sale–the Surface tabletop computer. During the several hours I spent at the store, it was that device, more than the laptops, that drew people in and captured their attention.

Josh Griffin stopped in at the store with his three kids, with all four quickly heading to the Surface. “This is cool,” said Griffin, who came into the store to check out Windows 7 among other things. “I’ve read about Surface before, but never been able to see it. It’s actually a little cooler than I thought it would be.”

The three kids began carving virtual pumpkins on the Surface while we chatted, but eventually Griffin turned his attention back to the tabletop computer. “Can I do one?” Griffin asked his kids, trying only somewhat successfully to elbow his way in.

Surface, though, isn’t the only thing worth pointing out.


Gamerscore > 30,000

 —  November 16, 2009 — 10 Comments

My Xbox360’s blog will be updated shortly with the big news – my Gamerscore just crossed 30,000 points last night. That’s a TON of gaming! Recently I’ve been playing Modern Warfare 2, You’re In the Movies, Splosion Man and Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes. What have you been playing?


Oh man, how have I missed this? Looks incredible.


Tonight our Xbox 360 gamerscore crossed another milestone – 27,000 points. Thanks largely to Tom Clancy’s HAWX and Air Combat 6 – as well as a smattering of The Bee Movie Game and Paperboy with the kids. My Xbox360 blog is downright blissful right now!


Project Natal: Milo

 —  June 9, 2009 — 5 Comments

I posted last week in sweet amazement the awesome technology coming to the Xbox 360. Project Natal is truly groundbreaking – this new video (embedded above) shows the system in action. You can read reviews of the technology from people that have actually tried it – Engadget, Gizmodo, Kotaku, 1UP and IGN. Apparently, this is the real deal – brilliant!



We added Netflix to our Xbox360 a couple of weeks ago and have been loving it. My only thought has been, “Why didn’t we do it sooner?”

You may know we don’t have cable anymore, we’re strictly a streaming media family. So for about $8 a month, we get 1 DVD to send back and forth and immediate access to 12,000 movies and TV shows to instantly stream on the computer and on the TV. Pretyt good deal, since our nearest Blockbuster is going out of business next month, too. The technology works flawlessly, my wife who isn’t an uber-geek like me has had no problem understanding and owning the process. There’s something super cool about adding a movie to your Instant Queue and seeing it show up 4 seconds later on your 360. My only minor gripes seem to be answered in the upcoming patch releasing next month. Near flawless execution. A+