We use WorshipHouse Media stuff regularly in HSM – most recently we used the “Your Light” video to end week 1 of our Brainwashed series. I think WorshipHouse Media is a great place to get church videos – I was talking to Luke over on their site last week and they offered up some prizes – so simply leave a comment and you could win! Do it!

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WorshipHouse Media

A song written for the 40 Days in the Word campaign (we called it The Book in Student Ministries). So good!


Fun parody video that might be a good fit for opening up a worship service or a training event …


Mallory from Worship-Backgrounds has given MoreThanDodgeball.com readers an exclusive worship background download from their site. They’ve got TONS of free ones (most are solid for youth ministry) and make them available for free simply in exchange for you giving them your information by signing up. You in?

Go check it out and be sure to download the MTDB exclusive background and many more here!





Being intentional is a concept we are all familiar with in ministry, and more and more it is becoming a key aspect as we struggle to compete with the busyness of students lives. We value our student’s time greatly and know that we are competing against a lot of other activities that they could be doing. Since we know that a student carving out a 3-hour block of time to come to church is a big deal, we respond by making a big deal of our youth night. Part of making a big deal of our night is that we are intentional from start to finish and we have a reason for every element of the night. Here are a few reasons why you need to really intentional about everything:

For God: I believe that taking your weekly gathering of youth seriously is a priority. To steal a page from Doug Fields’ book Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, if something we do does not promote Worship, Discipleship, Service, Evangelism or Fellowship why are we doing it? This should be a primary consideration of every element of our youth program and all events and activities we put on. I am not sure that I want to stand before the Lord and say we did something “just ’cause”, because as leaders that is not good enough. We need to point students to God at every opportunity, not just sometimes.

For Students: Modeling for students that every facet of our lives matters to God is important. We are not shy about explaining why we do what we do at our youth program and I think it is a great teachable moment when students ask. Our student’s time is valuable; and when we have them, we will always try and make the most of it. From start to finish our goal is provide them with opportunities to encounter God, to connect with a caring leader, to learn about Jesus and to Worship Him. Having a clear purpose of your youth ministry will benefit the spiritual growth of your students.

For Parents: Parents have been known to be critical of youth programs sometimes because the one they were a part of 30 years ago was not like “this”. For those parents I choose to be prepared when they start asking questions such as:

-Why is the Worship so loud?
-Why do you allow secular music to be played in the Church?
-Why do you allow saved and unsaved students in the same small groups? (Actual question!)
-We never had small groups on the same night
-Why don’t you play more games? We used to play dodgeball all the time.

It is pretty easy to defuse a parent when you have a reason for doing what you do. If they question an element of your program and you don’t have a rationale for why you do it they way you do, watch out. Parents may not agree with you, but will respect that you have thought about their concern before hand.

For the sake of supporting the vision that God has given you for your ministry, and for making the most of every opportunity that you have when your students are in the building, its vital that you have a reason and a rationale for every element of your youth night from the time the first student arrives until the last one gets picked up.

Geoff Stewart is the Pastor of Jr & Sr High School for Journey Student Ministries at Peace Portal Alliance Church and regularly contributes GUEST POSTS to MTDB. Be sure to check out his Twitter stream for awesome ministry goodness. Want to get in on the fun and write up a guest post yourself? See how right here.

Last week I blogged about Kyle Smith’s new song Your Love is Enoughthis week I’m excited to point you to the second single from Taffy and Cluster of Students (made up of high school students from HSM at Saddleback Church). Get the song Divine and Holy on iTunes today, then download the guitar charts for FREE right here to use in your ministry!

So proud of these guys … love these songs!


This is so cool! Taffy (our Student Ministries Worship Pastor) and Cluster of Students just released a new single on iTunes. You can check it out here, and if you’d like the chord charts for it and the credits, grab them for free, too. Awesome!


Saddleback Church surveyed over 8,000 people who were finishing the required membership class and asked them why they were joining the church. Here’s #2 on their list of things that were most important to them:

#2 — Worship
Worship is the second most important thing people think about when they consider joining a church. This is far more than music – the atmosphere of your church is huge. Music plays a VERY significant role. The place of worship, the intentional program, the clarity of the big idea that is being shared even people’s faces matter every Sunday morning. The church service as a whole is a deal-maker or deal-breaker in the minds of many people choosing your church. Passionate, God-centered, inspiring and authentic churches invite people in.

Youth ministry application: When someone, especially a teenager, gives you an hour of their time – make it great. Never miss an opportunity to create a moment for students to pause and listen to God. Never waste an opportunity on the platform by starting service prep on Saturday night. Plan ahead and allow people to be creative. Take risks.

Be hard on yourself and your church. How do people feel when they walk in the doors for the first time?