Kotaku had an interesting story about a new Bible massively multiplayer game. Check out the original story for screenshots and everything, here’s a clip of what it will be like:

I’m willing to give this game a chance, because when you put the whole religious side of things in a box, the Old Testament – with its plagues and pestilence and pillars of salt – is pretty badass. The Bible Online is a new massively-multiplayer online game from German outfit FiAA, and will – over the course of many chapters – give players the chance to re-enact certain parts of the Bible.

In the beginning, there was…Chapter 1, The Heroes, which will be the first release of the game, and sounds a lot like Age of Empires (it looks a lot like it too), as you control Abraham and his descendants on their journey to the promised land.

As a Christian … and a gamer … my first reaction to Bible games are pretty rough. Here’s hoping it can be done right!


Quite a few emails and comments from people this summer about the new self-service Pastoral Care brochure racks we launched for our High School Ministry. Honestly, it has taken a whole lot longer to produce each brochure than we originally thought, and they’ve gone a lot faster than I expected – so it’s been totally worth it. Anyhow, some youth workers were recently asking about publishing a topic list of the different pamphlets, so here’s the list of ideas as of today. I wish we could have done them all, but some ideas had to get cut and only a few are [done].

Pastoral Care Issues
1. Relationships, Dating [done]
2. Sexual Temptations/Porn [done]
3. Identity/Value/Worth [done]
4. Bullies
5. Anger
6. Peer Pressure
7. Insecurity
8. Loneliness
9. Marriage/Divorce
10. Death
11. Feeling Lost/Purposeless
12. Unplanned Pregnancy/Abortion [done]
13. Gender Issues
14. Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse
15. Addiction
16. Parents
17. Eating Disorders [done]
18. Academic Problems
19. Stress
20. Depression
21. Homosexuality [done]
22. Cutting [done]
23. Grief [done]
24. Forgiveness
25. Suicide [done]
26. Stealing

Christian Life
1. Habits
2. Following Jesus [done]
3. Salvation
4. Serving
6. Purposes [done]
7. What It Means to be a Christian
8. Baptism [done]
9. Communion [done]
10. Small Groups
11. How to Get Connected
12. M Video Games/M Music/R Movies

13. Alcohol/Drugs [done]
14. How To Grow/A Few Ways to Grow

1. The Bible [done]
2. God [done]
3. Heaven/Hell [done]
4. Is Jesus the Only Way [done]
5. Theology Terms
6. Environment [done]
7. Humanity
8. Sin

HSM General/Funny
1. Snuggies
2. Fun In the Refinery
3. HSM Insider Terms
4. Ninjas
5. Star Wars
6. Pirates vs. Ninjas

7. Fashion Don’ts [done]

What are we missing? Leave a comment!


I’m not going to pretend here … I’m not a cool youth worker. I don’t have any tattoos, I don’t have any creative facial hair or wear trendy clothes. I shop at Target and TJMaxx. My idea of a good time is football, watching Star Wars on DVD or playing video games. I don’t listen to the bands no one has ever heard of. I’m still not totally sure what Dubstepping is and that’s all I heard about at Summer Camp last month.

There’s a lot of unspoken expectations that the youth worker from the church be cool = and if you are more power to you. I am thankful that God is using me even if I’m not soaked in coolness. Be honest … how cool are you, youth workers?


The kids and I had a total blast playing the Kinect this weekend at the Microsoft store! There are only a few demo units in the country right now, so we made a special trip down to experience it right there in the middle of the mall. It was really great – totally different experience from the Wii, but it will draw a ton of comparisons for sure. Here’s what I thought:

  • It is a little disconcerting to not have a controller of any kind
  • We played bowling, track and field, and the rafting adventure game
  • Kinect tracks everything, it seemed to even recognize finger movement
  • It was so easy my 3-year old was instantly in the game
  • It seamlessly recognized a 2nd player joining/leaving the game
  • You need a fair amount of space to jump around and move
  • There was just a slight lag, totally playable and fun
  • So excited for my Xbox to literally recognize my face/profile when I walk into the room
  • We didn’t get to test voice commands, but loads of potential there for sure
  • Brilliant, simply brilliant!

Granted, the first generation of games look very Wii-like, but this could be SO much more if game developers get into it. Really, really exciting future. If this isn’t the future, it sure is on the road there for sure.


Spent some time this weekend playing games with the kids, churning out some serious Gamerscore on my Xbox 360. We just crossed 35,000 points this weekend, which reminds me: I should go play catch with my kids in the yard sometimes, too.


PSPgo Review

 —  May 21, 2010 — Leave a comment

I won a PSPgo in the Sony X10 Blogger Contest and have totally enjoyed playing it the past couple of days. The kids have been wanting a portable gaming system for a while now – fun to put one in their hands and see what happens. The system has honestly had a bit of a rough start as gaming websites and reviews have been pretty tough on it, but I’ve been super excited to try it for myself. Of course, you know how much I love the Xbox360 (read my Xbox360’s blog), but there are some great Playstation-exclusive games I’ve wanted to check out.

Here’s a quick rundown of my feelings about the PSPgo:

The Good
+great game selection
We have a bunch of Sony products in our house, but have never owned a Playstation. Having a different portable system vs home console let’s you chose a bunch of exclusive games you normally wouldn’t get to play. We picked up Little Big Planet, Mod Nation Racers and Star Wars Battlefront because they were games we were excited about but haven’t had access to on other consoles.

+no pesky game discs
The future of game delivery is purely digital downloads – and honestly, this is a little bit a head of its time. 16GB of room in the PSPgo which is plenty of space for a bunch of great games. Huge selection, average experience in the PlayStation Store trying to see what all you can buy. Brilliant.

+the PSPgo is the most beautiful hand-held video games system to date
I fell in love with it. The PSPgo feels great in your hand – aside from a slightly awkward analog stick, it feels (almost) like something Apple would create. It is pure style even now being a year old – the slide-out controls are great and the lack of a disc tray/cartridge slot makes it so solid.

The Bad
- it takes some time to setup
You open the system and get excited to play your first game … but you can’t. You have to charge it up. Then update the operating system. Then set the preferences. Then sign up for a PlayStation Network account. Then download a game. Then finally play. Once you get to the end of this process it is great, but playing something quickly out of the box would provide a much better experience.

- why can’t I download in the background?
When you download a game, that’s literally all you can do. Sit there and let the game download. Now it is relatively speedy, but background downloading while you play with an “active downloads” section that queues them up would be much preferred.

- forget the used game market
Because the system relies on all digital download games, you’re stuck paying whatever prices you get form the official store. Forget trading discs with your friend or renting a title for the weekend. I like that I can download demos, but $39.99 feels steep for a portable game with little incentive for publishers to push the prices down. Again, this is the future, too, I just like the social/secondary market of physical games in the current generation.

PSPgo: Final Verdict
The system is super for the Xbox360 owner that wants to get a shot at playing Sony-exclusive games like Little Big Planet and Mod Racer Nation. While it isn’t quite robust enough to play the full-experience PS3 titles, it is much more powerful and slicker than all of the other portables on the market. If you don’t mind paying a premium for games and not being able to resell them, the PSPgo is the way to go.


Sony provided me with a free Sony Ericsson X10 phone and a PSPgo and FIFA Soccer 10 game in connection with my participation in the Sony Ericsson/Sony Style X10 Blogger Contest, which requires me to blog about Sony and/or Sony Ericsson Products.

The impending shift to 3D television really intrigues me.

I get the draw of 3D in theaters – a unique and somewhat novel experience on a few big budget films specifically made to fully utilize the format – but I’m not sure it is going to work at home. In the last couple of years people already hopped onto the flat panel TV craze – are they going to be so quick to make another $1,500+ purchase to make the jump to 3D? The droves of people dropping cable and satellite subscriptions in favor of Hulu and mobile TV surely can’t be relied upon to make the upgrade either.

I read a feature article in Wired a month ago (1 of 6 magazines I read religiously) that showed how Sony is betting essentially their whole organization that you and I will gleefully board the 3D bandwagon this summer. Right after reading it a buddy told me that the Sony Style store was demoing the new technology and that I had to at least check it out. Being the early adopter wannabe that I am (you have to be somewhat loaded to be one for real), I grabbed the kids and made a special trip just to see the 3D TV demo.

It was really, really impressive.

My Twitter from inside the store was full of respect and awe for the new TV, I’m a believer. I wish they had been playing some different genres of clips – but Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs looked incredible. Made me wish that George Lucas would get moving on Star Wars 3D. 3D at home looked better than 3D in the theater – brighter, richer and ultra clear.

So will we be hi-5ing each other after a 3D touchdown, all wearing our special 3D glasses in the living room? Will we dish out major dollars for a new TV and put the old flat-screen for the Xbox360 in the kids’ room? I’m not totally sure (I’m a pastor, not a prophet) but the future looks really, really good. And it’s in 3D.


While I was at the Sony Style store I learned about the X10 Blogger Contest. As a finalist, Sony provided me with a free Sony Ericsson X10 phone and a PSPgo and FIFA Soccer 10 game in connection with my participation in the Sony Ericsson/Sony Style X10 Blogger Contest, which requires me to blog about Sony and/or Sony Ericsson Products.

And just like that – the Griffin family Xbox360 jumps past 34,000 in gamerscore. Hit my up on XBL (Gamertag: theforcenet) if you want to play/connect in that space. The boost in Gamerscore came from Madagascar Karts (C), Red Faction: Guerrilla (B+), Monsters vs Aliens (B), 3D Ultra Mini Golf (D), and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (B-).