frozenThere is no shortage of parodies surrounding the movie “Frozen.” 

You’ve likely seen your share.

I apologize for sharing another one.

The leadership team at this church came together to create their own, all related to a pastor who is working on his sermon and won’t come out of his study.

Cheesy? Sure.

Unnecessary? Perhaps.

I do have a few questions of my own, though:

  • How do you think the church reacted after seeing this on a Sunday?
  • Why?
  • What in your church/ministry could elicit a similar reaction?

My opinion? Without knowing this church, I see a snapshot of leaders who love doing life together. Everyone got involved… and I can only assume you felt that, too. I wonder how they’re nurturing that.

Any applications or desires for your ministry?

I went back to the $2 Book Fair this week to score some more cheap books to read this summer. While I was there picking up awesome ministry and business books, I stumbled on this gem from Dilbert creator Scott Adams. The Joy of Work is another masterpiece in his business-leadership book series (read my review of The Dilbert Principle here). The whole thing is written half-serious which means he can really shine some light on how people work around a typical office. The larger your church the more you’ll appreciate many of his insights on organizations and corporate scenarios, but everyone will appreciate and laugh out loud at chapters on office pranks, surviving meetings and managing your co-workers.

Lots of fun reader emails and cartoons throughout, too. Loved it.