This fall we had students write letters to themselves that we’ll mail to them at the end of the year. It was part of our future series asking them about where they would be when they grow up. We gave out paper and envelopes and will stamp and mail them at the end of the school year. While I love the tactile side of this, I just heard about – a site that lets you digitally do the same thing. Might be a good experiential piece for a program or something cool to do with your small group. Check it out!


The Shine Movement

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The SHINE Movement – Spread Hope in Needy Environments. An illustration of what students can do if they start the domino effect in their lives by following God’s ways every day. Used during the series finale of the 2020: The Future is now campaign.


Weekend Teaching Series: 2020: The Future is Now (series finale, week 6 of 6)
Sermon in a Sentence: Each decision has a domino effect on your future. Obey God’s instructions and remember what He has done in the past to move toward success in your future.
Service Length: 74 minutes

Understandable Message: This week I focused on a selection of verses from Deuteronomy 6 – Moses challenging the people of Israel before they entered the Promised Land. I wanted students to realize that their future depends on the decisions to obey God’s laws today – that each decision is a chance to move toward true success or away from it. I took some time to review the 5 weeks of the series, and did my best to bring it all together for the series finale.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This week we had great music and a fun opening game with the new Microsoft Kinect and Dance Central. Most students hadn’t seen it before, so it was comical and funny watching people try to dance. It was brilliant! We also played all of the individual mosaic photos during the Switchfoot song which made for a great moment, too.

Music Playlist: Solution, This is Your Life [Switchfoot cover], Our God is Love, With Everything

Favorite Moment: This was SUCH a fun weekend – the team did a great job pulling off some really creative moments in the service and it really felt like the culmination of the campaign. The best moment had to be the Domino Effect video at the end of the message. So awesome! I’ll get it posted soon for you to enjoy, too.

Up Next: Thanksgiving/Family 1-off

If you’ve followed the blog the last month during our 2020: The Future is Now series, you may remember that HSM was doing a photo mosaic as a takeaway for the series. We took pictures of our students for a couple of weeks and we got the print pieces back this week for students to take home as a reminder of the decisions they made. We used each picture of the students several times in the mosaic – students had a fun time finding themselves in the collage. If you were interested in the technical stuff behind the scenes we made the mosaic using this program click here, I think it turned out great!


Weekend Teaching Series: 2020: The Future is Now (week 5 of 6)
Sermon in a Sentence: Your future legacy depends on living a life filled with God’s Spirit and a life of worship.
Service Length: 79 minutes

Understandable Message: Doug Fields spoke this weekend about students leaving a legacy – and how legacy is created when someone trusts in Christ for their life and is led by God’s Spirit every day. I loved his challenge to bring Jesus into every area of life – not just when it is time for small group or go to church. He used a couple of strong object lessons including a cutout of himself and a cutout of Mr. T to help explain the choices we make and different paths people are on. A clear plan of salvation was given and some reflective questions for students to think about this week as well.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Couple of fun elements this weekend – a great killball video promoting our after church activity happening in the next couple of weeks. Taffy also secretly videotaped a countdown video of me playing racquetball with him and a buddy and trying to hit me with every few shots. Great commentary and sillyness. We also had an over-the-top rap opener of a song our team created and performed called “In the Future What will You Discover” that tied into the theme. Fun!

Music Playlist: The Time Has Come, In the Future What Will You Discover [rap], Hosanna, Til I See You, Came to My Rescue, Burning Ones

Favorite Moment: Couple favorite moments for me this week: 1) the opening rap was so random and fun, the “flute battle” at the end of it takes the cake. Hilarious, and 2) getting to share a few words about legacy to Doug Fields and his wife was a highlight for me. Doug’s legacy is HSM/Refinery/Saddleback/me/you/youth ministry … I was honored and humbled to celebrate him this weekend at the end of the 6:30 service.

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Weekend Teaching Series: 2020: The Future is Now (week 4 of 6)
Sermon in a Sentence: Our health is critically important for our future – physical health is good, spiritual health is most important.
Service Length: 71 minutes

Understandable Message: This week Phil Chenery jumped in and did the message (our guest speaker canceled) talking about spiritual and physical health. He took it from the perspective of an athlete, and not being super athletic himself he had lots of great bits and humor helping students see the importance of health in the march toward their future.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: The weekend opened up with an OK-go treadmill extravaganza of “Here We Go Again” that was really fun. The band played it live and then we had students do a routine on 4 treadmills on stage. It was super cool, then the treadmills played the part of set design during the talk about health, exercise and spiritual determination. We also had a fun video called “Buffets Gone Wild” and played a couple of the always crowd-pleasing Matt McGill Sports Instructional videos.

Music Playlist: Here We Go Again [OK-go cover], Your name on high, How He Loves, Breathe On Me

Favorite Moment: The OK-go treadmill opener was really, really fun. Took lots of work, but had a fun payoff in the program.

Up Next: 2020 — The Future is Now: week 5 (Doug Fields speaking)

Buffets Gone Wild Video

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Fun little video we made for the Future is Now series, talking about living a healthy lifestyle.


Parker from the Future has been a live-action character with a scooter time machine for the past few weekend services during HSM’s 2020: The Future is Now series. Now introducing the new line of action figures!