I don’t know what is harder about working in ministry, staying informed on what is going on in the lives of our students or keeping up with the expertise in the many field required to keep the ministry going. For any youth group in any size church you are by all intents and purposes running your own small church and for most of us, that means that we have to fill the roles of each person on a regular staff of a church and that can be daunting. Being good at a few things is easy, but being good at dozens of important jobs can be overwhelming and off the top of my head here is a list of regular parts of many youth workers jobs:

  • Pastor
  • Cousellor
  • Mentor
  • Coach
  • Photographer
  • Logistics coordinator
  • Videographer / Video Editor
  • Sound tech
  • Musician
  • Graphic Designer
  • Accountant
  • Handyman
  • Bus Driver
  • Activity Coordinator
  • Public Speaker
  • Camp Director
  • Web Designer
  • Carpenter
  • Chef
  • Janitor
  • Theologin
  • Secretary
  • Marketing Director
  • Any many more…….

My brain hurts thinking about it, but for each of us we are faced with the reality of needing to wear many hats and be talented or at least competent in each of them. When you look at your ministry area are there any that we missed, any other jobs that you do? 

-Geoff @geoffcstewart

I have several task apps on my iPhone and iPad. These GTD or ToDo apps help me accomplish life. I have narrowed my use down to 1.5 of them. OmniFocus and Reminders.

Omnifocus is powerful, if you own the iPad and the Mac version you have an outstanding one two punch. It has a higher price tag but if you are looking for a hard-core GTD app this may be your one stop app.  This is my “.5″ app.  I use it but it is a little more detailed that I am conditioned to use.  If I take “tasks” to the next level this is the app I will leave all others for.  Pricy, but I am glad I own it.

I also have Action Method, Toodledo, and Clear.  While cool, visual pleasing (especially Clear), and easy to use I have abandoned these apps for the one I use nearly everyday…Reminders!  Yes, the Reminders app that is built into my iPhone. If you’re looking for something that gives you a GTD system, or you require separate contexts and areas of responsibility and tagging, your main needs are going to be better served by an app like OmniFocus. I use Reminders because it is super easy on the fly and I am looking for an app to tell me to “buy milk” and “Pay bills.”  I use it to remind me of something on a specific day but I can do that in any calendar app, what I LOVE about it is the location-based reminders. I just click over to Siri and say, “Remind me to buy milk when I leave work.”  Milk is the last thing on my mind at work but when I pull away from the office my iPhone reminds me to “buy milk”…SO COOL!   (Side note: OmniFocus supports location-based reminders and can import all the “Reminders” you have entered).  If you have not tried location-based reminders give it a shot.

What is working for you? What app did I miss? Write a review of it below.