Sex in a box.

sbThat’s the premise of a new reality TV show premiering on WE tv on Feb. 27.

These “troubled” couples of all orientations will spend time together in a soundproof shelter while a panel of experts talk about their relationship. Then as the couple emerges from the sex box, they share all about the experience and their relationship in front of a live studio audience.

MTV offered, “Gear up, guys: This may be the pinnacle of reality television.” summarized, “Is this America’s most risqué reality show yet?”

Time Magazine believes, “The real problem with Sex Box is that it’s boring.”

Before you add your two cents, consider the other side of sex box… the ancient Jewish version… sort of.

Consummating a marriage in the ancient era was believed by many to have been a part of a typical public wedding ceremony. After the events that took place under the Chuppah canopy, the bride and groom would be escorted to the Yichud Room. Here, they spend at least eight minutes alone, with the door locked from the inside. Sexual consummation could occur here, for the party waited until the couple emerged. What typically happened was the couple engaged in holy activities – from breaking their fast, to speaking a blessing.

There is obviously a huge difference between these two intimate shelters. The former seems to be more about the spectacle of reality television, while the latter may not even be a sex box at all… it could be, but what is clearer is that it’s meant to be a God-honoring moment of marriage.

What do you think about any of this?

The new reality TV show Sex Box has eyebrows raised. Does it bear any similarity to that ancient Jewish wedding custom, though?

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