Here’s the final highlight video for the whole week from HSM Summer Camp. Such a great, exhausting week!


Here’s the letter I’m about to send out to parents – thought you could use/adapt/make it better for when you come home from summer camp, too!

Hi parents!

I’m soooo tired this morning – I’m sure your kids are exhausted, too! What an amazing and packed week up here at HSM Summer Camp. It was filled with friendships, spiritual challenges, hilarious games, epic music and way above average camp food. Last night was the big finish with a great message on love and forgiveness — the finale of a truly great week!

I wanted to share some highlights with you before we make it back into town later today. We’ve been up at Murrieta Hot Springs all week centering on the theme When Heaven and Earth Collide. Our speakers were incredible: Mark Moore and Jeff Walling. The music was HSM’s own Cluster of Students band. They did an amazing job helping us respond to the message with heart and voice.

I’ve encouraged your student to spend time with you on Thursday night before they jump back into their Instagram world. I asked them to escape with you for the evening to talk about their experience at camp — or the Angels are in town tomorrow night so maybe some cheap seats at a slow-moving game of baseball would give you a chance to catch up. At least grab dinner and just talk about camp together — either way, I can’t wait for you to hear their stories and share their decisions with you.

Here are a few things you could talk about, a few questions to get you started:

  • What struck you about the messages?
  • On the forgiveness night, who or what did you need to forgive?
  • Who was your counselor? What did you learn from him/her?
  • Did you make any new friends?
  • Did you make any spiritual decisions this week?
  • What song was the most meaningful to you? Why?
  • What made you laugh? What made you cry?
  • Was it hard leaving your phone/technology behind?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how good was the food at camp?
  • What next steps do you want to take from here?
  • How are you going to follow-through on the decisions you made?
  • Did you miss me?

Well, the buses will pull out soon and we’re just about on our way home – see you around 4:30pm today back at Saddleback. Camp is silent for now… but we’re trusting God the decisions made here will last for a lifetime. Thanks for your prayers and for sending your student to HSM Summer Camp — it is such a worthy investment and sacrifice — you’ll see it in their exhausted eyes when they get off the bus. See you soon!

Josh Griffin & the HSM Team | High School Ministry | Saddleback Church

PS: If you missed the daily highlight videos, be sure to check them out here: 

PSS: We’ll be posting a JILLION pictures (including the baptisms) on the Saddleback HSM Facebook page tomorrow!

PSSS: Jordyn, Megan, Labontyshopper, Taylor, Courtney, Shayna and Brittney approve this message. <33333 #yolo

Quite possibly the best day of camp ever – I LOVE baptisms so much! One more day to go – last night at camp right now!


So stinkin’ fun!


Highlight video from Day 1 and 2 here at HSM Summer Camp. Off to a great start!


Thought this note I wrote to our high school team might be a good read and/or something you would want to copy/edit/make better for your own summer camp adventures, too!

Just wanted to shared a few words with you tonight on HSM Summer Camp Eve! Tomorrow we’re going to take close to 750 people on a 5-day journey where along the way God will chang lives forever. We are going to witness this up close and personal. What a journey to this point: so much heart, so much hard work. So many God moments. So many students!

This week we get the priviledge to be a part of something where:

… will trust Christ for the 1st time
… laugh, play and love
… will be baptized to show their faith
… will be insipred to serve the community and reach their friends
… will grow in their faith
… deal with the darkness of their heart/life/experiences
… freshman get their initiation of HSM
… graduates who get their last hurrah
… all who will be challenged in so many ways
… find a calling to full-time ministry

… will be stretched and challenged beyond themselves
… took time off from work to serve the church
… hearts will grow immensely
… maybe discover a life-long call to youth ministry

Our team
… will be challenged to capacity
… will make memories that will last forever
… get to have a front row seat to God showing up big

You are incredible. This week is going to be life-changing. For you. For all of us.

Here we go! JG

I’m sorry, I just love these so much (from Southeast Christian Church in KY) … had to post the other two. Got a great summer camp promo video, too? Leave a link in the comments!



One of my favorite things we started to do a few years ago was add brand new songs for our youth group at Summer Camp. Our student ministry worship leader Taffy came up with the idea to help get them in the culture right away and then use them all year long. I remember even months later then the first few notes of the song played everyone cheered with the thought of great camp memories and decisions.

Here are a couple of the new songs we’re adding at camp this summer – both happen to be by Matt Redman – We Are the Free and We Could Change the World. So I’m not sure what songs you are going to pick up this summer at camp – but bring them back all year long!