Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 7.23.10 AMOkay, personally, I was over the whole acronym thing about 15 years ago. That said, for the first time in that time frame I have come up with one that I think works well. How’s that for internal contradiction? Anyway, I came up with this a little while ago and has served as somewhat of a guideline for putting together my staff, and more specifically, the “pastoral” staff. However, I do believe this can serve as a guideline for any leadership team.

The way I say it is, “I believe every staff is held together by P.A.S.T.E.” I would say that to have the best team possible we should have people in each of these areas. I’ve written brief descriptions of each below so read through them and compare it to those you lead with or those on your team. Also, see where you might fit into the bigger picture yourself.

P – prophetic. This person tends to be concerned with having reverence for God and caring for the poor and needy (like the prophets in scripture).

A – apostolic. This person is a starter of new things, likes having a lot of plates spinning and can generally boil things down into a simple vision people follow.

S – shepherd. This person is caring, a good listener and will generally give people hours of their time in counseling.

T – teacher. This person can bring refreshing and practical perspective on the scriptures for those who are being taught.

E – evangelist. This person can bring the truth of the gospel into an area (whether that be an entire city or a neighborhood or a workplace).

Every person on my staff has at least 2 of these.  For me, mine are Teacher, Apostolic and Evangelist (not necessarily in that order).  How about you and your team?


Fun video this weekend in HSM introducing a newer staff member to our students. Ive got a feeling that HSM Talks is going to be a regular part of our services for a while. Ha!