Weekend Teaching Series: Workshop Weekend (1-off)
Sermon in a Sentence: 4 different options for messages – choose your own message weekend!

Service Length: 39 minutes + 40 minute workshop

Understandable Message: This weekend we had the first 1/3 of our service together then for the message divided up into 4 different workshops. We tried to have a good cross-section of topics, here they are:

  • COPYCAT: What does it actually mean to be a Christian?
  • SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Putting on the whole armor of God
  • THE CHRISTIAN CONDITION: Lukewarm living
  • UNPLUGGED: When you feel disconnected from God

Each of them was really great – I got chance to bounce around to all of them and it was super fun to hear different voices teaching biblical truth. Each speaker had a handout and was well-prepared for their message. All in all a total success!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Chip Bragg (one of our key volunteers) kicked things off with a great welcome and greeting time, in honor of prom [3 of our biggest schools all had them this weekend] he came out in his tuxedo and wowed us all. So fun! We also welcomed our summer interns and had a little fun with them on stage as well.

Music Playlist: Rise and Sing, The Earth is Yours, Forever Reign

Favorite Moment: We did a Rwanda mission trip commissioning at the 6:30 service and it was really special. Loved seeing the students who have given so much time, money and energy to go on this trip be prayed over by their peers, parents and HSM team. Such a great time!

Up next: Senior Weekend (1-off)

If you started to wonder this week … yes, God is still at your youth group.

God’s Spirit isn’t done quite yet in your church and in your life — even if it feels like it sometimes. I’m just about to cross 2,000 youth services I’ve played some part in — and I’m so grateful to know that God is working even when……

  • ProPresenter crashes in the middle of your message and at the worst possible moment
  • Your worship lyrics are riddled with misspeellings (<– I left that one in for you)
  • That funny game left a permanent stain in the old sanctuary carpet
  • You thought for sure the movie clip didn’t have THAT word in it
  • You were outnumbered at an event when your volunteers flaked out
  • There is a distinct odor in the church van that may never come out
  • Your small group was so out of control you feel the need to offer to repaint the host home’s family room
  • The tears from that student after your message … were because her boyfriend just broke up with her
  • The sermon you thought would be a homerun was a bunt at best

If it all goes wrong, if your talk tanks, if you feel that your youth ministry isn’t working … rest assured: It isn’t working. But God is.

God loves to show up when we’re down. He seems to specialize in being very present when He seems so absent. He’s there … He’s changing your students one botched program at a time. When your mission trip has an epic fail or your small group has a night (or several nights) of endless blunders … know that God is up to something big and your best attempts to stop him won’t work. He is working in spite of you, to see your students transformed.


Spiritual Winter: Everything is with God appears dead, cold, alone, and distant. Your faith is challenged.

Spiritual Winter is a lot like the wilderness that the Israelites wandered through. It’s described as a time in your life when yours prayers seem unheard. For some reason you begin to think that God isn’t listening to you or paying attention to what your begging him for. If you’re like me, verses like John 14:13,”And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son” play on repeat in your mind. You say to yourself that God tells me to go to him and ask in his name and yet I feel like he isn’t listening, he doesn’t care, and I’m alone.

As we approach this spiritual wilderness, Satan begins to tell us that we don’t matter to God anymore. The reason, Satan says, is because we aren’t worthy of God’s time. He’s to busy for us and our sinfulness. We’re told that the winter storm approaching is God’s way of punishing us. The warmth of God’s light described in Revelation fades and God pulls out. The sunny days of running with God and enjoying the afternoon talks are gone. What Satan is really trying to get us to understand is that because God is pulling out (and therefore throwing us into winter), God is giving up on us. We are no longer the object of his affection, his prized “it is good” creation has lost its’ place in the royal family. Pictures are taken off the mantel, the Trinity stops speaking our name, and our place at the table is given to someone else.

The attack of Satan is so strong that our worship of God begins to lose its’ power and songs we once screamed with joy from our heart become mere words. Sermons don’t apply to us any longer. Our private devotional time is perceived as pointless. When we reach this stage of winter, most Christians will gather all of their strength and give it another go. We’re determined to read more, prayer more, worship more while the entire time feeling like we’re knocking on Jesus’ door and he’s pretending not to be home. In my mind, it’s like Jesus pretends we’re Jehovah’s Witnesses and he doesn’t want us to see him hiding behind the door’s peep hole. He knows we exists, but he’s trying to avoid us.

Spiritual winter has lasted years for me and at other times only months. Regardless of the length, it’s something that we should understand and work to combat. I say fight, not to give anyone the illusion that we will succeed, but that God himself is victorious. I refuse to say that God CAUSES spiritual winter, but he certainly allows it to happen. Because of that, we have two choices.

First, do we listen to Satan and believe that we no longer matter to God? I mentioned above that Satan often tells us during these times that God has given up on us because of our sin. He’s clearly lying here, but as always, the most dangerous lie contains some truth. We are sinful. Our sin has separated us from God. Without Jesus, we live in perpetual spiritual winter. However, God never gives up on us. He never stops chasing us. He sent Jesus to be our Immanuel “God with us,” so that he may be with us eternally. God’s relationship changed with Adam and Eve after their sin, but he never left. The same in true for us, except that now Jesus offers us a way back into the garden.

The second option is that we call Satan out. We admit that he’s telling partial truths, but we claim the victory of Jesus in our lives. The blood of Jesus covers us and nothing will separate us from the love of God. Romans 8:38-40 is key to this strategy.

“38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Realize that you will never be good enough, you’ll never be able to save yourself. Claim out loud until Satan flees that God loves you. Say aloud that he is the one that came to be with you–he is your Immanuel. Remind yourself and Satan that God is the one who saves and redeems. In order to get out of winter, we must understand that we are helpless. Jesus must become our everything. As a consequence (or divine providence) of winter, your faith is being tested. God might be using winter to strip unnecessary things from your life. Whatever the reasons, God isn’t leaving you alone. He hasn’t forgotten you. His love for you is beyond the emotions you feel when you try to approach him. Seek forgiveness from your sins, claim victory in Jesus, and above all, never stop pursing Jesus. The snow always melts and spring always comes. The glory of the Lord is around you. Don’t allow the lies of Satan to be your darkness. Luke 1:37, “For no word from God will ever fail.”

Nick Farr is a student minister in Greenwood, IN. He’s happily married, father of one, former missionary, a closet Star Trek fan and blogs right over here.