How To Stay Creative

Chris Wesley —  November 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

The good thing about busy work is how it helps you feel productive.  Budgets, forms and emails are all tangible tasks with tangible results.  You might hate doing them; however, when you clear that pile of paperwork off your desk or you inbox is empty you feel good.  To get through the busy work you just need to focus.

Then there are those times when youth ministers need to be purely creative.  There are messages to be written, curriculum to be designed and problems to be solved that demand your creativity.  Unlike busy work it’s hard to stay focused on creativity because it requires so much more of our emotions and energy.  To stay creative is a challenge.

To consistently think outside the box is not only a challenge but a skill.  To keep the ideas flowing and to overcome potential roadblocks you need to be consistently:

  • CAPTURING IDEAS: Whether it’s writing them down in a notepad or putting them in your Evernote folder you need to be capturing every thought or idea that runs through your mind.  Even if you do not know how you are going to use it put it down.  Then take some time each week to review those ideas to determine how you might use them.  Staying creative means creating a bank of ideas to resort to later on.
  • EXPLORING STORIES: Readers are learners.  Doesn’t matter if you what you are reading is fiction, an auto biography or a classic read.  Exploring stories written by others will open you to new perspectives and thoughts.  It will give you examples and analogies you can draw from later.  While it doesn’t really matter what genres you are exploring it’s important to mix it up, so that you can continuously challenge yourself and learn from new paradigms.
  • FUELING YOUR PASSIONS: When I hit a writer’s block I love to go out for a run or cook.  There is something mindless; yet, rewarding about those two passions of mine.  If you are stuck on an idea or need a new one, go to the things that bring you joy.  It’s a way of connecting with God that frees you from the burden of a creative cramp.  A true passion is something that allows you to take a step back from the craziness around you, clear out the junk and focus on the idea in front of you.
  • SITTING IN SILENCE: It’s so important; yet, silence is something many people fear.  If you sit in silence either two things will happen.  First: You might discover that you are tired and need rest.  If that’s the case go and sleep because an obstacle to creativity is a lack of rest. Second: You might begin to hear God’s soft whisper.  The reason you need silence is so that you can hear God’s promptings.  He will guide you and direct you.  You just need to slow down to listen.

While there is no exact science to getting your creativity flowing, there are definitely habits you can develop to keep them moving.  Making your creative time a planned part of your schedule; but at the same time give yourself some flexibility.  It will stink when your mind can’t go further, but trust that God will see you through.

How do you stay creative?

Chris (Twitter)