Here’s a little highlight video our team put together to celebrate this year’s crew and to give us something to help us promote next year’s Spring Break serve trip. It was a great experience, and we loved partnering with Christ in Youth (CIY) for the 2nd year in a row. Good stuff!


Here’s a highlight video one of our students created from footage he shot at last year’s Spring Break serve project. We started promoting it this weekend – excited to partner with CIY (Christ in Youth) again this year in serving our community!


Simple little promo video for a serve project we’re doing this weekend. Helping out the Orange County Food Bank!


Here’s a recap video that one of our students (David Walker) made for our Spring Break Serve Trip. Hoping to build a culture of service over Spring Break – we had a ton of it in the past and this is a great first step back!


I’m out with some of our high school and junior high students on an awesome Spring Break serve trip right now = we’re already having so much fun after a night of training and team-building: today is our first day of serving. I was talking to Andy over at Group and he mentioned they still have opportunities for students to serve on their Big Day of Serving as well – there are some great locations including helping out some of the cities hit with tornadoes and doing some disaster relief. So check it out for now and I’ll be back soon with some giveaways for the Fall one soon!


This weekend, we don’t have youth services. In fact, we don’t have any services at all! How awesome/bold/crazy is this idea: no services, but use that time to serve in the community, in your neighborhood or to your actual neighbor! You can read more about it on Kurt’s blog, and here’s some of the language that Saddleback is using to help people BE the church this coming weekend!

Did you know that serving those in need is an act of worship to God? Join us on the weekend of December 10th and 11th for “Good Neighbor Weekend” where, in place of our church services, Saddleback Church will be going out to show compassion to our neighbors as our act of worship. Since your small group is currently completing Bill Hybels’ “Just Walk Across the Room” curriculum, this will be a great opportunity to put it into action!

Here is how you can be a part of Good Neighbor Weekend:

Serve YOUR Neighbor – you and your family or small group can follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: See a Need – Talk together about how you could serve your direct neighbor, a co-worker, or someone else in need. You can discuss how you can serve them by meeting their physical, spiritual, or relational needs.

Step 2: “Step Across the Room/Street/Office” – Connect with the neighbor you have identified to let them know you would like to serve them in this way and schedule a time on the weekend of December 10-11.

Step 3: Serve – Gather with your family, small group, or some friends and go serve your neighbor.

Serving OUR Neighbors – We have also created several opportunities for you to help serve the neighbors of Saddleback Church. Do you have a heart for kids, seniors, the homeless, or the military? Join us at one of our “Good Neighbor Project” on December 10th or 11th.


Weekend Teaching Series: Do Something (series finale, week 2 of 2)
Sermon in a Sentence: This week’s theme was compassion — we wrote letters to the children of fallen soldiers and learned about what we could do to help with the growing HIV/AIDS crisis worldwide and in our own backyard.
Service Length: 69 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend we had 2 different guest speakers help walk our students through the second and final week of the Do Something series. First up was the chaplain from Children of Fallen Soldiers (see their website here) who talked about how we could all make a difference in the life of a child who had lost their parent in the military. He talked students through writing a letter of encouragement to a child during the service – we gave them 5 minutes or so to write down a few thoughts and a message that his organization would deliver to the children. Up in spot number two was Gil Odendaal from our missions team here at the church. He talked about Jesus being moved with compassion and the state of HIV/AIDS in the world today. In the end he led students in a prayer for those affected and infected with AIDS, and had handouts with opportunities to serve locally and make a difference.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This week’s service was very interactive and while we didn’t do any games or funny videos we had plenty of students serving in many different ways.

Music Playlist: (forgot to write them down this week, sorry!)

Favorite Moment: It was a really fun weekend – inspiring and moving for sure. I think my favorite part was when the chaplain said that a parent whose spouse had been killed during the way would often read the letters of hope and encouragement to their children like a bedtime story. He talked about the heroes of our country being these amazing men and women – super powerful stuff.

Up next: Thanksgiving 1-off (Jessica Torres speaking)

HSM Grocery Giveaway from HSM on Vimeo.

A little video made to help celebrate HSM’s Grocery Giveaway last weekend. Taking time to celebrate what we’ve accomplished together is a simple way to help students who are observing to take another step toward participating.