Sermon Series Ideas

 —  July 1, 2014 — 1 Comment

It is time for me to start planning our 2014-2015 calendar; events, sermon series ideas, retreats, etc. I have posted a list of my favorite resources that help in the area of sermon series ideas and graphic design elements but these three pages never made the list. Not because they are not great, but because I just discovered 2 of them. I have been visiting for a few years and recently found and

Click on and check out these three sites, they are easy to navigate and spark great ideas.  The URLs are what they say they are…

Other than from your regular Bible reading, where are you growing your series ideas?

– Brandon Early


stuffHere is a list of my favorite “FREE STUFF” websites. If you are looking for help with sermon series ideas, graphic, and games then you have should bookmark this post!

Some of the most popular posts of all time here on my blog are simple lists of sermon and series ideas for youth groups. Here’s a collection form a recent brainstorm session that might inspire you to create something in your student ministry:

  • Greater Than >
  • HE>I
  • Abandon Ship
  • Taboo Topics
  • Stuff Churches Don’t Talk About
  • Shhhhhhh …
  • #YOLO
  • I am ___________
  • Lie, Cheat, Steal
  • Be Careful Little Hands
  • More Than Words (How they hurt and how they can help)
  • Workshop Weekend
  • Stuff Jesus Said
  • Things Jesus Didn’t Say
  • Ready for Re-entry
  • Back to School
  • Booty, God, Booty
  • “The Other 6”
  • Apologetix
  • Liar, Lunatic or Lord?
  • Creation, Fall, Grace, Glory
  • IDK- “I don’t know?”
  • Ask Anything (Panel weekend, text in questions)
  • Ctrl, Alt, Delete / Apple+Q
  • Restart
  • Life Apps
  • “There’s an App for that!”
  • Lone Ranger
  • The Rest of the Story
  • “I can’t believe that’s in the Bible”
  • Insta-life
  • Behind the filter
  • <3 Like
  • Poser
  • Geeks, Freaks and Posers