freeMore free stuff links. We play a game almost every week in our youth services and these sites help me look good. Here are a handful of very helpful resources that have games for you to download freely. Click, browse, and get ready for teens!

What great, free game sites are you using that I am missing?


Swag-Swag-Swag-Swag-Swag---Baseball-Long-Sleeve-ShirtI shared 5 of my favorite “FREE STUFF” websites in the January/February 2012 issue of Group Magazine (If you are not a subscriber consider doing so here, (it will be a great use of your resources). I have more words available to me in the blogosphere so here are those 5 plus so much more. If you need some sermon series ideas, graphic design help, and a few other things you just entered the awesome zone!

What great, free resources sites are you using that I am missing?


Here’s a video recap of the first week from our Do Something series. Packing Christmas shoe boxes for needy kids in our area.


Kurt just posted the 3-week series arc for their series about sex in our Wildside (junior high) ministry the past month. Worth checking out for inspiration for your own series, and be sure to head over there to check out some other insights about teaching about sex/relationships to junior highers, too.

Week 1: Developing Healthy Friendships With Each Other. We simply took a look at some of the differences between guys and girls, and how an understanding of some of these differences can help us be better friends with each other.

Week 2: Dating: We took a look at what begins to happen when a friendship becomes more than just a friendship. We addressed such questions as: When is it okay to start dating? Who should I date? How should I date? What role do should my parents play in all of this?

Week 3: Sex This weekend, we will wrap the series up by talking about sex. I feel a little overwhelmed because ONE lesson on sex isn’t enough. I am afraid I will try to cram too much into the lesson, thus making it too complex, and more confusing than helpful.


Really enjoyed teaching at YS’ NYWC this past week. During my Grande Seminar called Creating a Series from Scratch, the group come up with a great list of sermon topics and series ideas. Thought it might benefit you or inspire you to come up with something great, too!

  • Superheroes
  • In-n-out (of church)
  • Live love. Live loved
  • LinkedIn: Get connected
  • Stressed Out
  • Church History 101
  • I (Heart)
  • I hurt
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Social Injustice
  • Lair, Lunatic, or lord?
  • Personalities of the disciples
  • Trinity
  • Old Fashioned (manners, tradition, etc)
  • What’s Next? (heaven, hell, etc)
  • Amazing Grace
  • ZERO to HERO
  • The Loser Club
  • Epic Fail
  • Steadfast
  • Family Feud
  • Survivor (dealing with teenage problems)
  • More Than a Song (studying the lyrics and background)
  • Cults
  • Explaining Christian symbols
  • What’s He like?
  • God is…
  • “Christianeze” – understanding church lingo
  • Scary Stories of the Bible
  • Zombies Apocalypse
  • The Other 6
  • Speedbump: Walls, Hurdles and Roadblocks
  • When Life Knocks You Down
  • Heroine of Bible
  • Fearless
  • Discovering your gifts
  • Church for dummies
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Share your faith
  • Who’s your neighbor?


In a few days we kickoff the new school year with a new weekend teaching series called Secrets. This past weekend we asked students to anonymously share their secrets on a card we provided. No names, no rules, just secrets. And a promise that we would address the topic full on the next couple of weeks. Some incredible things were shared … some pretty serious themes started to emerge, thought I would share them here:

  • Many teens aren’t virgins, but everyone including their parents thinks they are
  • Porn, sex, masturbation easily ranks as the number one set of issues
  • Self-worth, image, identity and values are probably the second most popular secret/struggle
  • Our students look good on the outside, but have all sorts of secrets just under the surface

More on this as we get into the series for sure … we may have just discovered the plan for the whole teaching calendar in this stack of paper.


Here’s the series bumper video made for this summer’s LiveSTRONG series from the book of Philippians.


We just started a new summer series this past weekend in HSM – a 4-week study of the book of Philippians called LiveSTRONG. Here’s a quick overview of the arc for the teaching series:

WK 1: To live strong is to serve Christ. To die is gain. Philippians 1:19-26

WK 2: To live strong is to do right and stand firm in a wicked world. Philippians 2:14,15

WK 3: To live strong is focusing on the future and running the race. Philippians 3:12-16

WK 4: To live strong is being content, depending on God’s power. Philippians 4:11-13