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Hey Simply Insiders!

Like what you read here on the blog from our awesome contributors? We do too!

Well, we wanted you to know that they write more than just helpful tidbits on More Than Dodgeball. Authors including Kurt Johnston, Jeffrey Wallace, Katie Sutton, Stephanie Caro, Cuck Bomar, and Leneita Fix also have created incredible books and resources on relevant topics for your youth ministry.

From now until midnight on Friday, August 16, some of their best stuff will be on sale for 25% off their regular price! These are great savings on unique, quality resources on a wide range of topics from 99 Thoughts for Smaller Church Youth Workers by Stephanie Caro to Urban Ministry from Start to Finish by Jeffrey Wallace.

After you stock up on the sale, I encourage you to also check out or new Blogger Marketplace. Here you will find each blogger with some of their titles featured below their name, like the example below:

Blogger Marketplace


So check it out! Explore the Blogger Marketplace and tell all your friends about the 25% off Blogger Sale going on until Friday!

You guys are the best youth workers on the planet. We love you!


$5 deal 7-18

Yes, yes, I know. This is way too good to be true… but it is! For today only you can get The Simple Truth Bible for just 5 presidential flash cards.

That’s a mere penny per devotional for the priceless result of helping your students grow closer to Jesus!

Doesn’t get better than that folks. Today is the only day for the $5 Simple Truth Bible deal so be sure to get ‘em while they’re hot! *Order now here*

We love you guys! Keep on keepin on.

– Amber Cassady aka The new girl aka AC



Well… have YOU picked your FINAL 4 for only $99?!

Choose from an assortment of SYM resources including:

  • The Basics by Josh Griffin
  • Pure Sex by Craig Gross and Cris Clapp Logan
  • Guy Talk Girl Talk
  • Tuff Stuff by Kurt Johnston
  • Spin That Wheel
  • The Rabbi by Johnny Scott

Pick 4 of these awesome resources and call Jake (1-866-9-Simply) to order!

What are you waiting for?!


-Stephanie :)

Finally after much delay is the official release of UNFILTERED MAGAZINE! Learn more at

Tomorrow Only Unfiltered Magazine will be $5 for a 1 year subscription…see attached image.

“From the editors of Group comes an all new magazine to help youth workers thrive in life…outside the church walls. Real stories by real youth workers on topics like…

Your heart

Your family

Your health

Your money

Your soul

And many more.

Link here – for $5 sub rate!

Go get your subscription NOW!!


It is that time of the year again – Simply Youth Ministry’s 40-40-40 Sale. 40 resources, 40% off, 40 hours. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started:


Simply Youth Ministry is running a 1-DAY-ONLY sale on digital editoons of Group Magazine! Group is one of the best ministry team and volunteer training and education tools money can buy! Click here to get in on the deal!


More Than Dodgeball - Download

Simply Youth Ministry is running a 1-DAY-ONLY sale on my More Than Dodgeball book for only $1.99! If you want it in print it’ll still cost you $9.99 but grab the Kindle-iPad-PDF-friendly version right now on the cheap!

Youth ministry is more than entertaining games, more than memorable trips, more than late-night gatherings, more than pizza parties.

Or as veteran youth worker Joshua Griffin puts it, youth ministry is More Than Dodgeball. This book is filled with insights on what it takes to build and sustain a vibrant youth group where teenagers’ lives are changed and their hearts are drawn closer to Jesus Christ.

There are main themes: the heart and calling of the youth worker, the leadership of a student ministry, the volunteer team that serves teenagers, and big-picture ideas about healthy ministry. These aren’t just random thoughts—they’re practical words of wisdom rooted in his 15 years of experience as a youth pastor.