Weekend Teaching Series: You Are Here (What on Earth Am I Here For? church-wide campaign, series premiere, week 2 of 6)
Service Length:
72 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend our student ministries worship pastor Taffy took on the topics of being created for worship and community. He talked about the passion and energy of the Florida State Seminoles football crowd and how passionate and full of worship they are for their team. Then he took that in the direction of what would it look like if we were that passionate about Christ, moving together for the cause of Christ. A great talk, lots of energy,

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This week we had a pretty straightforward service – a couple fun videos, a volunteer introduction and songs mixed in throughout the message.

Music Playlist: Avalanche, How He Loves, Revelation Song, Forever Reign, The Earth is Yours

Favorite Moment: I love having a volunteer on stage every week – we want to help students get to know our incredible volunteers and we brought up a different one at each of the 4 services. Love them so much – they are making such a huge difference in the lives of our students!

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Our team wanted to come up with a creative way to keep the Engage Spring BReak trip in front of our students. Parker and Travis came up with the channel surfing/sitcom idea that turned out great and was a hit with the students, too!



Weekend Teaching Series: You Are Here (What on Earth Am I Here For? church-wide campaign, series premiere, week 1 of 6)
Service Length:
68 minutes

Understandable Message: You are not an accident! This weekend we kicked of Saddleback’s latest 40 Days campaign, What On Earth Am I Here For? We called it You Are Here and the first week was an overview of that focused on God having a purpose for your life and a specific calling on what He wants you to accomplish. My hope was that students walked away with a basic understanding of Psalm 139 and Ephesians 2. Students seemed to respond well to the talk, excited for what is ahead in the series!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This week we did “App Showdown” and had contestants go head-to-head to last the longest on the just-released Temple Run 2. It was a hit, although we stumbled with some technical difficulties for some reason all weekend as well. We also introduced our new intern Daniela, who did a fun bilingual bit on stage as well.

Music Playlist: Hall of Fame (The Script cover), He Is Alive, Here For You, 10,000 Reasons, Overcame

Favorite Moment: I loved a video from Right Now Ministries that Justin found that we dropped into the talk. It really helped students get the concept of turning their life from about them to about God, and asked a great question about what they would be willing to trade from the American Dream for God’s Plan in their life. I’ll post it later this week- good stuff!

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Trying out a new idea (we undoubtedly stole from someone else – ha!) this week in our High School Ministry – HSM’s Study Hall. We’ve converted a room to a study area during finals week and promoted it as a serious option to come study, hang with friends and eat some snacks. We provide the food, free wi-fi, a few volunteers that can jump in with some basic tutoring and the room!

Students have totally eaten it up and are taking it seriously – great place to get to know them relationally hanging out during breaks. Fun idea!


Here’s the bumper video created for our You Are Here series – the student version of the What On Earth Am I Here For church-wide campaign.


Fun highlight video we used in the countdown to services this weekend – quick little highlights from the annual High School Ministry Football game. If you want to do an event similar in your youth ministry – grab the info packet and such right here on Taffy’s blog!



Weekend Teaching Series: Life Group: STORIES (1-off)
Sermon in a Sentence: Real-life stories where Christian Community makes a huge difference.
Service Length: 68 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend we continued a regular 1-off we do on occasion called STORIES. Students share their life and faith on stage in front of their peers – the idea started a couple years ago and has been so successful we now have a Stories weekend every 4-5 months. This time the stories all focused on the power of Christian community, and we tied it into a mid-year push to join a Life Group as well. Really powerful stories of how God has used students, leaders and groups for His glory!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This week the program was very straightforward – lots of student stories, some strong video content and great music. Not a whole lot of extra programming, but really well put together and powerful.

Music Playlist: Break Free, Always, Grace, Everything, Christ in Me

Favorite Moment: I loved the last song and how it tied into the message so well. “Let my story lift you high.” So strong – LOVE it when students share their faith on stage.

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Weekend Teaching Series: Be a Part of the Miracle (1-off between Christmas and New Year)
Service Length: 58 minutes

Understandable Message: This week our Student Ministry Worship Director Taffy spoke a simple but powerful message on Jesus feeding the 5,000. He used white bread, canned sardines and a brown paper sack to retell the story focusing on the little boy being willing to put what he had in Jesus’ hands. It was a great simple talk about what Jesus can do when we trust Him with our talents, gifts, abilites, time and life. Really good talk – loved the gross-out moment when he spread the sardines on the bread and took a big bite, too. Perfect!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We had a bunch of polleverywhere.com polls on the screen and let students share their worst gifts on stage (which we rewarded their storytelling by giving them a wrapped white ele[hant gift, too). We also did a fun gift card “trade-up” where we found the most unusual gift card, etc.

Music Playlist: Lift Him Up, He is Alive, Divine and Holy, Learn to Love, Your Love is Enough

Favorite Moment: It was so fun doing a combination weekend with our junior high. We are separated for 99% of the year, so it was great having the younger students all together this lower-attended holiday weekend. Their leaders are so awesome!

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