Shane wrote in and asked this:

I wanted to see if you guys would be putting the “Do Something” or “Love in Action” Series online somewhere?  I like the idea you guys had tying in the Operation Christmas Child boxes and wanted to use the same series progression if possible.

For the past couple of years we’ve done a couple of really fun and active series with our students in HSM. One series was called Do Something, another similar one we called Love in Action. Both were great series where instead of a traditional message we had students get out of their seats and really do something instead.

If you want to read about the weekend services in more detail you can right here:

I love it when youth workers ask about this series and how they can get involved with some of the same organizations we used. We had students write letters to the families of fallen soldiers (Children of Fallen Soldiers), pack food for families who will visit a local food pantry (OC Food Bank) and many more but my favorite of all was packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child (visit their website here).

It would be so awesome if you wanted to give it a try – maybe a 3-4 week series or 1-off project like this could work in your youth ministry, too! Start by choosing which one to take on (like Operation Christmas Child in this example) and have your students join in on helping your students add to the over 100 million children around the world have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a simple shoe box.  We even set up a little “store” where students could shop for products to put in their shoebox and took up a collection at the end of youth group to pay for shipping. Everyone had such a blast with this particular weekend – and it is poignant to see how simple items like soap, a toothbrush/toothpaste and school supplies, we can meet a very physical need while sharing the powerful message of eternity.

I’d love to read about what you choose do to demonstrate Christ’s love in action. Tweet it or talk about it on your blog when it is over. Be creative and come up with new one – we’ll steal it next time we do the series, too! Just make sure you have your students DO SOMETHING soon!


Right after the Simply Youth Ministry Conference I always get asked the same question: how did you do that!?! I love a good idea – I love stealing good ideas, too. If anything you saw on the main stage was interesting to you or maybe inspired you to bring something back into your ministry setting – here’s the scoop on what we used or how we did it!

Poll Everywhere – the polls on the big screen were powered by The technology is free for up to 40 responses (perfect for most youth groups) and scales really well to have thousands of responses per poll. Be sure to check them out – we use it all the time in our youth ministry, it is so fast and fun!

AR.Drone – one of the new ideas this year was to use an AR.Drone to hover over the crowd with a gift card attached to it on a long string. The Drone is controlled by an iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android and streams live video from the hovering airship to the big screen. With all of the signals in the conference room it got bogged down a bit, but overall it was a super fun experiment.

Facebook Hack – This is a game we invented in our youth ministry a couple of months ago. You can read more about the game and download the title slide right here.

The Interlude – a fun dance you can download right here.

Digital Stachethese are the dudes behind lots of magic on the screens. We had an idea, they did it. Really stunning guys with tons of freebies and youth ministry resources totally worth checking out!

Twitter – this is actually a feature in the latest version of Propresenter (5, from what I understand). It is a super cool way to put up a paricular hashtag on the screen – it includes full moderation capabilities as well. Looked super slick up there!

Was there something else at the event you would like to know about? Hit me up in the comments!


You Matter Spoken Word

Josh Griffin —  March 13, 2012 — 1 Comment

So proud of our students this past weekend in HSM at Saddleback. Students from Mission Viejo took over for You Own the Weekend – no adults took the stage, it was completely student run! The video above features one of our students performing a spoken word she wrote called You Matter. Strong!


Hey everyone from NYWC 2011!

Thanks for making our youth ministry workshop so fun this weekend — I enjoyed meeting many of you and here are the links from Every 7 Minutes: Keeping Students Engaged During Your Talk workshops I promised you today:


Fun program idea we had for HSM Summer Camp called Room Raiders. We filmed this video the week before camp, he had no idea until it was being played in front of hundreds of students. He was such a good sport, too. Obviously most everything we made fun of we planted, but still … so fun.


The past few Christmases I’ve blogged quite a bit about fun programming ideas or youth ministry tips. Thought I would post the most popular as we start the holiday run. Enjoy the posts from Christmas past: