I have a question that might bring us some interesting responses for you all today and it surrounds giving students a reward for bringing a friend or friends to an event. This is nothing new, whether a chocolate bar, a crisp picture of Honest Abe on a $5 bill, a discounted registration to an event or camp or as much as an iPad from a draw. Youth Pastors everywhere regularly and sincerely are rewarding students who invite their friends to an event.  So my question today is simply this:

Do you offer a reward / prize for students who bring someone new to youth and what is it? If you don’t why not? 

-Geoff @geoffcstewart

There a few words I enjoy more than “Free Stuff” and here it is. Perhaps your youth group has great prizes or perhaps not, what better way to give them out than with the prize wheel and lets face it, sometimes the worse the prize the more students love it. The iPrize Wheel App is completely customizable and can be populated with whatever information you want easily and quickly. Save the hours of building and then storing the real thing with a simple App, its tons of fun, runs on your iPad and costs $5 ($10 for an even more epic version). There is more information on their website or just go straight to the App Store.

We are giving away 4 iTunes download codes away to the top responses to this question:

Question: What is the strangest / worst object that is currently in your office that you would give away with the iPrize Wheel?

Leave a comment with the answer!