Thought this article from Fast Company was super insightful about a new form of parenting – especially since I read it after finishing up a great session of co-op Portal 2 with my 9-year old son. We still play catch 3-4 times a week, too, don’t worry:

“Everyone’s a gamer now,” says Martin Rae, President of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, who’s witnessed video games mature from a nitch obsession of males to a new American past-time. But, he admits, golf, bookclubs, and backyard BBQ’s “aren’t going way.”

No, the real dinosaur in the room is television, which will increasingly become edged out by its interactive counterpart, thanks to the novice-friendly innovation of gesture-based controllers and Facebook games, “It’s a much healthier form of entertainment,” he argues.

In a sense, video games represent one of the only cross-generational activities left: Sports are typically peer-only activities, boardgames have the stigma of being coerced family-time entertainment, and even shopping gets nudged out by self-consciousness teens who don’t want public cameos with their parents. But, the private, exhilarating world of video games?–that’s fun for the whole family.

Thanks to Gavin Richardson for the link on Twitter!


Enjoyed some video gaming this month in a diversion from the extremes of youth ministry – our Xbox 360 Gamerscore crossed 49,000 last night, in part to Hard Corps Uprising (sequel to Contra, A-), Limbo (cinematic arcade game, A+), Portal 2 (hilarious puzzle game, A+) and Crysis 2 (awesome shooter, A+). Incredible games, some of the best I’ve ever played!