Last week’s short post about being a youth ministry “lifer” (Read it here: Who Cares If You Are a Youth Ministry Lifer?) – filled my inbox with comments and obviously struck a chord (both positively and negatively) with many people. Thought I would ask a follow-up post this week and see where you stand. Pick the phrase above that best describes you – vote now!


Andrew suggested this week’s poll question: when and where do your small groups meet? Would love to know what you’re doing and help others get an idea about what’s out there, too! In my current ministry we have small groups during the week, unattached to a program. How about you? Vote now!


Would love to know what you thought about 2012 in your life – was it good, bad or ugly? Vote in today’s poll!


POLL: Goals for 2013

 —  December 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

I was spending a little time today think about some goals I’d like to set for 2013 – and thought I would ask how far along you are in the same. I’m thinking specifically about goals for our youth ministry and goals for me as a husband/father. If you don’t have plans – take some time to make some today – after you vote!


POLL: December Pace

 —  December 10, 2012 — 6 Comments

This week’s poll is a question about the pace of December for your youth ministry. In talking with some visiting youth workers recently it seems like the month of December was one of the craziest months of the year – then in talking to another on the phone this week it sounded like for them it was super slow and a great change of pace. Those conversations inspired the poll question this week:

What is the pace of December like for you?


Quick poll question today about youth workers and weight. Obviously inspired by – which by the way has just announced some amazing prizes if you want to get in and sign up today. Be sure to vote in today’s poll either way!

Each receive a portion of the $1,000+ cash prize
NOTE: this is done through Weight Loss Wars at the end of the competition!


25lbs. of Resources + ALL Live Curriculum lines + registration for SYMC 2014
+ dinner with Josh Griffin & SYM peeps at the conference


25lbs. of resources + ALL Live Curriculum lines


25lbs. of resources

Will also get a special prize at the end of the competition as well!


Curious in this week’s poll – where do you do your best sermon preparation? Vote in today’s poll!


Been doing a lot of thinking about parent ministry recently – we’re about to revamp our stuff soon and help go beyond newsletters and calendars! Wanted to take a quick poll today and get an idea of what you are doing that you consider “parent ministry” – vote now!