The Book Series Video

Josh Griffin —  January 26, 2012 — 1 Comment

Sweet new series video for The Book, HSM’s student version of the 40 Days in the Word church-wide. Parker is doing some awesome stuff with the videos, it’ll get new addition/expansion each week of the series, too!


One of the simplest videos we’ve made in Saddleback’s HSM … but it made me laugh at every service this weekend! A little non-bumper bumper video for the Thanksgiving 1-off services.


Turkey … Turkey Bond

Josh Griffin —  November 29, 2011 — 1 Comment

Fun little video from this past (Thanksgiving) weekend’s services. Enjoy this James Bond-heavily influenced video. The ending is so epic. Hahahah!


Shoe Boxes with Parker from HSM on Vimeo.

Another in this fun series about a really terrible leader named Parker. His previous video helping promote Life Groups is one of my favorites! This weekend Parker helped us learn how to pack shoeboxes for Christmas during our Do Something series. Love it!


This weekend we did our best to make announcements memorable with ParkerBot the Awkward Robot. The idea was to announce our Pumpkinfest event coming this Friday night – so during the middle of the traditional announcement we had the robot come on stage and interact with the emcee. It was a funny bit – I think that the robot is going to make an appearance at the event, too.

Parkerbot Visits HSM from HSM on Vimeo.

Just saw that we posted a little video of it, too. Fun!


Life Groups with Parker from HSM on Vimeo.

Parker made this video we played at Life Group Leader Training that was a bit hit. It was made to encourage students to sign up, and leaders to learn what NOT to do.


The LAUNCH series video for our back to school series that started last week. Fun!


Weekend Teaching Series: Promotion Weekend (1-off)
Sermon in a Sentence:
What I wish I knew in High School.
Service Length: 75 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend the message was taught by all of the HSM Staff. Each of us got on stage and did a short introduction of ourselves and what we did on the team, then taught a single point about what we wish we knew in High School. Subjects ranged from identity, friends, evengelism, purity, the importance of Scripture, etc. It flowed surprisingly well having different personalities on stage – made me happy that our team is so diverse in every way. God uses a ton of different people to come together to minister to all types of students. Awesome.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: The weekend had a strong element of fun and lots of student involvment. We had a fun bit up front called “The Freshman Olympics” and played a couple of fun games up front with the incoming 9th graders versus the seniors. We also had a great video-that-turned-into-a-live-performance rap that helped promote summer camp. Lots of students involved greeting, hosting the game, singing and band. Even had a freshman lead one of the songs. Go Brad!

Music Playlist: Summer Camp is Going Down (opener), Rise and Sing, You’ll Come, Holy Holy Holy

Favorite Moment: I love that we can go from a hilarious opener to a powerful worship song at the end with lots of great content inbetween. For sure the highlight has to go to seeing all of the potential of these incredible freshman entering youth group. Pumped.

Up Next: 11 vs. the World (series premiere, week 1 of 2)