Fun new video from HSM to promote the last day of Life Group registration!


Fun video we played during the countdown of our Fall Kickoff weekend services.


Recently I realized that if I am expecting excellence from someone … they need to have the tools to get there.

In youth ministry that isn’t always easy or sometimes possible – often we make do with ministry hand-me-downs and meet in youth rooms made from the old converted sanctuary. But when you expect excellence from your people, make sure you’ve done your best to equip them.

  • Want great small group leaders? Make sure your training is thorough and complete. Include supplemental trainings via email or video when you see a gap in their preparedness.
  • Want to develop some great teachers? Invite them into your prep process and allow them to be a part of the debrief and evaluation process afterward.
  • Want to raise up the next youth pastor in your church? Give him/her the books and resources to read and a place to dialogue what they are learning.
  • Want great videos? Make sure your volunteer has access to a great camera and a fast machine to edit on.

Too often we just expect people to be great … without ever doing the hard work of clearing the path to greatness. You can’t ask them to create the world without giving them a paintbrush. This week look for some places where you have expectations that aren’t being met and see if there is a gap in helping someone realistically get there.


Hilarious video from this weekend in HSM promoting … uh, nothing! Just for fun.


Fun little video created for Promotion Weekend to help our incoming freshman know the HSM team as we kick off summer. Easy style to rip off!


Fun video from this weekend (in the same vein as Parker’s Life Group promo video) to help encourage students to register for camp. Fun!


This weekend our team made a funny video about making a funny video. Made me laugh …


Weekend Teaching Series:  Brainwashed: The Big 10 (week 2 of 3)
Sermon in a Sentence: A look at the principles of the 10 commandments from the perspective of the world and perspective of God.

Service Length: 67 minutes

Understandable Message: This week Parker took the stage to teach students week 2 of this series, building on last week’s walking in light or walking in darkness foundation. He did a great job of walking quickly through each of the 10 commandments and comparing the perspective of the world and God’s Way. He used a bow and arrow on stage to demonstrate missing the mark. Really, really strong message in concept and execution.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This week we continued our programmed-in greeting time: this week we renamed it 124 seconds. Just over 2 minutes to meet the people that are around you and chill a little with your friends. I love this idea – it gives a great opportunity for our students to connect as well as weekend leaders to get a few names and in on a few conversations. We also had a couple of funny videos and lots of students serving on cameras, lights, sound greeting inside and outside the room.

Music Playlist: How Great Thou Art, Savior of the World, All I Am, One Things Remains, Came to My Rescue

Favorite Moment: My favorite moment was NOT being at youth group this weekend. I was being dad all weekend while my wife escaped to our annual Staff Wives Retreat. I got a whole bunch of texts letting me know that youth group was awesome – that’s a HUGE gift from a great team of people working hard to pull it off!

Up next: Brainwashed (series finale, week 3 of 3)