Some big news that starts this July – our church has decided to cancel student services once a month for what we’re calling “Worship Together Weekend.” It is a chance for everyone in the church to take time to worship together instead of age-specific programs and services.

We don’t know too much, honestly, we’re right in the middle of figuring that out. But here’s the scoop so far:

On the first full weekend of each month (beginning July 7/8) our junior high and high school ministries will join the adults of Saddleback for church services in the Worship Center. This is a chance for adults and teenagers to enjoy church with each other, as one big church family!

On the first full weekend of every month during the 4:30 and 6:30 services Saturday night and the 9 and 11:15 Sunday services.


  • July 7/8
  • August 4/5
  • September 1/2
  • October 6/7
  • November 3/4

Junior High and High School services in the Refinery are cancelled, and the Refinery will be closed during church services on Worship Together Weekends. If you don’t have somebody to sit with at Worship Together Weekend look for a friendly face in a Wildside or HSM T-shirt and we will set you up!


We’re at #7 on our Top 10 list of why people go from attenders to members based on a survey of literally thousands of new members at Saddleback.

#7 — Different Styles of Worship
We’re starting to get into stuff that is really affecting their decision to be a part of your church or find another. #7 on the list is that the church offers different styles of worship – from traditional to contemporary. Specifically at Saddleback, this is called Venues, offering up a wide variety of options for music based on preference. You can find quite a few different styles ranging from Gospel choir, traditional hymns or contemporary worship.

Youth ministry application: Hmmm … I need you to help me on this one since youth ministries simply can’t afford the manpower or budgets to pull off different styles of worship. How does this value translate to youth ministry?


Ever wonder why people join your church? Here’s reason #9 from a Top Ten list taking shape here at Saddleback …

#9 — Availability of Church/Campus Near Our Home
Here’s an instant win for why people become members of your church – it is close to where they live! According to the research of over 8,000 new members at Saddleback Church - convenience and location plays a small role in why people choose to attend and engaging as members. But coming in so high on the list – 9 out of 10 makes it clear that location isn’t everything – it matters, but probably not as much as you or I may think. To me, anything in the Top 5 matters most and should get a majority of attention and funding. If this response is indeed accurate it would sharply contrast the current trend of the local church going multi-site or expanding quickly into regionals.

Youth ministry application: Your best chance of success is working to create a healthy youth ministry. While it may be easier for some churches to win simply based on geography or in that they happened into a prime location – people will go the distance for a great church. People will sacrifice comfort for a remarkable experience. They will drive past other great churches and youth ministries for other reasons (like the things on the rest of this list, I’d imagine) to be at yours … or they’ll drive by yours for the same reason.