So, you want to watch the Super Bowl® but you don’t have a TV, cable, or satellite…well, if you have an iPad, Mac, or PC you are in luck. The NFL has been streaming their Super Bowl® online for a few years now and will be doing it again this year. If you have a solid, fast (and wired would be my preference) Internet connection and cannot get good TV reception for your Super Bowl® party you might want to click over to and stream it to your big screen or video projector (check out this post about keeping your party legal).

Try it online or download the the FOX Sports GO app for iPad. iPhone users, the only way you are going to be able to watch on your phone is if you are with Verizon and are paying the $5 monthly fee for the NFL Mobile app.  $5 for the Super Bowl® isn’t that bad if you cannot get it anywhere else. The content will only be available the day of the Super Bowl.

Have you watch the Super Bowl® online in past years?  How was the connection?



This video is from the D6 Conference this week – again courtesy of Kirk and Tyler. All of the info is already outdated of course, but loved to see how a simple-but-well-executed video with a good idea can make announcements so much fun!