Are you, your ministry, or your small group(s) hosting a Super Bowl® Party this year? Did you know that Super Bowl XLIX will be available FREE via Live-Stream from NBC Universal? You could stream the BIG game directly into your party. XLIX will kick off with pregame coverage at 12:00 p.m. ET on Feb. 1. This streaming service is a gift from NBCUniversal.

Following the launch of NBCUniversal’s first ever TV Everywhere consumer campaign titled “Watch TV Without The TV,” NBCUniversal is creating “Super Stream Sunday” on Feb. 1, providing consumers with an unprecedented ability to enjoy 11 continuous hours of NBC streaming content without having to log-in, designed as a way for consumers to trial NBC’s TV Everywhere content offering. “Super Stream Sunday” content will include NBC’s presentation of Super Bowl XLIX, Katy Perry headlining the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, the Super Bowl XLIX pre- and post-game shows, and NBC’s post-game presentation of The Blacklist.

This is great news if you have “cut the cord” or do not have cable/satellite service where your party will be held.

In addition to a room full of students and great stadium shaped foods you might choose to do a special halftime show. If so, LifeChurch.TV is pulling through with another great FREE resource called Football Sunday. Football Sunday is…

A 30-minute sermon-replacement video hosted by ESPN’s Trent Dilfer and presented by Featuring exclusive interviews with active and retired NFL players, as well as players from both Super Bowl Teams (yet to be determined, naturally), this production highlights how the increase of Christ and the decrease of self (John 3:30) has played out in their lives; sometimes through experiences that are unique to pro football players, but more often through experiences that are common to all people and thus extremely relatable.

Check out the FAQ section from this link (FootBall Sunday) and download free resources to promo your event at this LifeChurch.TV link.

In addition to these great resources check out this Super Bowl® safety link from 2013, “Are you Having a Super Bowl® Party?




So, you want to watch the Super Bowl® but you don’t have a TV, cable, or satellite…well, if you have an iPad, Mac, or PC you are in luck. The NFL has been streaming their Super Bowl® online for a few years now and will be doing it again this year. If you have a solid, fast (and wired would be my preference) Internet connection and cannot get good TV reception for your Super Bowl® party you might want to click over to and stream it to your big screen or video projector (check out this post about keeping your party legal).

Try it online or download the the FOX Sports GO app for iPad. iPhone users, the only way you are going to be able to watch on your phone is if you are with Verizon and are paying the $5 monthly fee for the NFL Mobile app.  $5 for the Super Bowl® isn’t that bad if you cannot get it anywhere else. The content will only be available the day of the Super Bowl.

Have you watch the Super Bowl® online in past years?  How was the connection?



This video is from the D6 Conference this week – again courtesy of Kirk and Tyler. All of the info is already outdated of course, but loved to see how a simple-but-well-executed video with a good idea can make announcements so much fun!