Another 1,000 point increase in my Xbox360 Gamerscore means another blog post documenting the joirney. Here are some super quick letter grade reviews of the games conquered to get the aciehevement increase: Sonic Generations (B), Bulletstorm (B+), Ice Age: Age of the Dinosaur (C+) and Modern Warfare 3 (A+). Solid month of gaming, done in bursts because of the busy fall. Excited about more gaming as we slow down over the holidays!


Every fall several video games come out that have huge implications in youth ministry; this fall is no exception! The question is: are you aware of the power of video games? Here are a few stats you might not be aware of…

  • 65% of all US households play video games
  • 2 out of 5 gamers are female
  • 18 hours is the average time spent per week by gamers playing video games

So, if the majority of households in the US have video games, and 2 out of 5 gamers are female, and the kids who are playing games are on average spending 18 hours a week playing them, shouldn’t the church be a little more vested in them and tap their redemptive potential? Can video games teach us anything? Everyone does sermon series on movies, what if you did a series on video games?

Here are 4 titles that your kids will be playing and what you need to know about them:

Modern Warfare 3