Group Magazine just published their 2012 Youth Ministry Salary Survey that you might be interested in!


“The Down-and-Dirty on Youth Ministry Salaries” – the video above dives into all things ministry and money! Everything from who decides, average salaries, large church vs small church, why, what, how to support a family and our GROUP Magazine’s biennial Youth Ministry Salary Survey!

Guests included:
Rachel Cruze — Speaker, representative, and daughter of Dave Ramsey
Tony Myles — Senior Pastor of Connection Church in Medina, OH
Brian Berry — Author, and Group Magazine’s “Family Matters” columnist

Hosted by Rick Lawrence, the editor of Group Magazine and Toby Rowe from Group Missions Trips.


Group Magazine LIVE is happening Wednesday, January 17th (today!) at noon Mountain Time – the topic this week is money and it includes Tony Myles, Brian Berry and Rachel Cruze. It is free, so hit up SYM TV to participate!


Looking to fire your youth pastor? You’ve come to the right place! Did you Google “how to get rid of my youth pastor” and end up here? Awesome, here are three sure-fire ways to make sure they are out the door by the end of the week:

Don’t defend them under any circumstances
They are probably wrong – wait, they are always wrong. Be sure to believe wholeheartedly what that parent said to you instead of saying to them. Leaving them helpless will make sure that you won’t have to deal with their radical new ideas for helping church be more relevant (like updating the 1972 dress code which we hold on to as a symbol of Christian separation). Youth pastors can defend themselves, and they better do it well when you bring them before the holy parent tribunal to explain the damages to the church van last weekend.

Make sure they know they serve you, not God
You’re their boss – make sure they feel their place in this organization every minute of every day. Manage every bit of their time. Heck, ask them to turn in an unsustainable weekly report (in 15-minute increments) just to let them now you don’t trust them in the slightest. Hand them your philosophy of youth ministry from back in the 60s when you were a youth pastor and ask them to run youth group exactly like you did. Make sure the memories of your past successes as a youth worker constantly overshadown any passing success they might be feeling.

Pay them so little they leave on their own
Treat them like you would a servant. They’re cheap and easily replaceable. Who cares about them anyhow?

What am I missing? Leave a comment! And tomorrow I’ll post an article called How to Keep Your Youth Pastor Forever. You won’t want to miss it!


My wife and I had an interesting discussion last week after receiving a generous “thank you” card and gift from the family of a recent funeral I performed. We talked about how accepting a gift might cause people to think that a pastor/church simply provides a service to them, rather than genuinely caring for the person in their time of need.

In the past I’ve never had any set fees or expectations in any way, but would accept a gift if it was given. Thought our discussion would make an interesting poll question this week here on the blog. Vote today – I’m interested to see the results and/or hear some of your reaction in the comments.