Got back from an incredible weekend up in the mountains here in Southern California. We took our students on our annual Winter Retreat. Thought I would share a few of the highlights -

  • We stayed 2 nights up at Mile High Pines Camp – no snow, but nice and cold this time of year.
  • Ron Merrell was our speaker. We had him 2 summers ago at camp and loved him, had to bring him back.
  • Student-led workshops (30 minutes each, students could pick 2) were also really strong. Students prepped really well for them and did a great job.
  • Simple music – just a guy and a guitar. SUCH a great change of pace.
  • It was incredibly fun to honestly sit back and watch our volunteers really pastor our students. At this simple 48-hour camp volunteers drove pretty much everything.
  • We’re developing a pretty strong sense of story. Whenever we gathered together the leaders the first question we would ask was looking for stories, and we were never disappointed.
  • Fun to have some longevity! Been doing camps for quite a while now – fun to have old friends there every year as leaders, and break in some incredible new rookies as well.
  • The event broke even! Woohooo! We didn’t lose money!

Great weekend for sure. Are you doing Winter Camp/Retreat this year?