Weekend Teaching Series: Be a Part of the Miracle (1-off between Christmas and New Year)
Service Length: 58 minutes

Understandable Message: This week our Student Ministry Worship Director Taffy spoke a simple but powerful message on Jesus feeding the 5,000. He used white bread, canned sardines and a brown paper sack to retell the story focusing on the little boy being willing to put what he had in Jesus’ hands. It was a great simple talk about what Jesus can do when we trust Him with our talents, gifts, abilites, time and life. Really good talk – loved the gross-out moment when he spread the sardines on the bread and took a big bite, too. Perfect!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We had a bunch of polls on the screen and let students share their worst gifts on stage (which we rewarded their storytelling by giving them a wrapped white ele[hant gift, too). We also did a fun gift card “trade-up” where we found the most unusual gift card, etc.

Music Playlist: Lift Him Up, He is Alive, Divine and Holy, Learn to Love, Your Love is Enough

Favorite Moment: It was so fun doing a combination weekend with our junior high. We are separated for 99% of the year, so it was great having the younger students all together this lower-attended holiday weekend. Their leaders are so awesome!

Up next: Worship Together Weekend: January