Back again. Doug, Josh, Matt, and Katie begin the show discussing Josh’s theatrical side and the dueling blogs ( and Doug also introduces the first members of the 00 club and if someone can be a “recycled podcast virgin”, plus a brand new intro song. Don’t worry, they still get to your questions and talk about: calendars and scheduling, writing things down, starting with a clean program slate, why matt is cold, guidelines for meeting alone with students, having kids from juvenile hall in your ministry, and the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.


Are you coming to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference this March? It is going to be so much fun – come join us. If you are and want to help spread the word, consider adding a Twibbon to your Twitter profile pic. On Facebook, too!


My friend Matt McGill, podcast co-host and great youth ministry friend, has a great new blog called Love God, Love Students that is going to soon become another youth ministry daily stop for many youth workers. His site’s just coming online now, with some GREAT content, including this post about insecurity in youth ministry. Here’s an excerpt:

Insecurity is inescapable for youth workers.

We’ll never be cool enough. (If you think you are, just wait a few years.) We revisit our leadership decisions. We wonder if people like us. And the deepest bowel-shaking, fear-spawned question: Am I spiritual enough?

Insecurity is debilitating fear and doubt. Some fear and doubt is good (hungry, angry bears will maul you). Too much fear and doubt will ruin a person’s life (for example, believing there is a hungry, angry bear around every corner).

The opposite of insecurity is confidence, which is the attitude that comes from an accurate understanding of what we can control and the faith that God controls everything. “Too much” confidence is pride which says, “I don’t need God.”

Insecurity has a million different shades of meaning. So you and I can be on the same page, I’ve tried to establish a clear definition: insecurity is too much fear and doubt.

Living with deep insecurities isn’t God’s design for our lives. Fear makes it impossible to be experience the joy and significance we can have in Jesus. Also, God is calling us to be more like him, and that often means leaving our comfort zones. We can’t take these risks if we are filled with too much self-doubt. In the tough times and wild seasons of life, we can’t rest in God’s peace if we don’t trust him. We know all this, we teach it to the teenagers in our youth groups.


Doug, Matt, Josh, and Katie are back and joined by Andy (at least for a bit). After Doug and Matt share about taking on a new small group together and an update from a team member. The questions include topics of resources with no budget, catchy youth group names, Doug’s homemade pants, job descriptions, tithing, and helping a new youth pastor in your old job.


The one, the only, Matt McGill created a series of amazing videos ages ago. Matt McGill’s Sports Instructional video is now on the interwebs. Enjoy your first lesson: golf!


This week Doug, Matt, Josh, and Katie gather round the table to talk youth ministry and answer your questions. After Doug admits to liking podcast team members more than everyone else the real content begins. In a follow-up to last weeks discussion about finances and raises, there’s more encouragement for those in tough places (and Doug manages to put Josh on the spot again). The gang also talk about time management, spiritual maturity, eye patches, the Simply Youth Ministry Conference contest, working through drama with students, Matt’s love language, and everyone’s favorite show, Wipeout.


So the official website just went live for the 2011 Simply Youth Ministry Conference. It lists amazing speakers and great workshops, along with plenty of other reasons to plunk down your hard-earned money (or youth ministry budget if you’re lucky enough to have one) to register and attend. But I might have a way for you to skip out on the whole “paying for it” part.

I’m giving away 2 registrations to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Chicago March 4-7, 2011. All you have to do is leave a comment with one thing you love (or would love) about attending a conference with 3,000 other youth workers!

Enter now – and I’ll select one at random next Tuesday!


Rest or Rust

 —  July 26, 2010 — Leave a comment

Coming off a solid week of vacation made this post easier to read than normal. Youth workers need to rest! Here’s an excerpt from his full post, worth the trip over there for the read:

Resting well is a challenge for me and many people I know. Here’s how I see it:

I think there’s at least two important parts to resting: disconnecting from work and reconnecting with God.

Disconnecting can be especially difficult when we love our responsibilities. It’s a blessing to be passionate about our work, but the excitement can lead us to to forget that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

Disconnecting from work is also difficult when we place too much of our identity into what we do. When we become nothing more than the sum of our achievements, we can’t stop achieving or we (think) we’ll lose our value.