Thiago-nascimento-opera-background-speaker-jpg1In this episode I called on Kurt’s 25 years of youth ministry experience. Check it out!!!

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Thiago-nascimento-opera-background-speaker-jpg1On this episode we deal with these three topics:

  • What to do when the enemy (devil) is attacking your youth group.
  • What to do when a student doubts their salvation.
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Thiago-nascimento-opera-background-speaker-jpg1Our 25th episode is HERE!!! In this episode we give you four ways that has helped us support our students, in their spiritual growth. We love sharing our experiences and learnings with you, so thanks for watching. Don’t forget to Subscribe to get the newest show straight to email.


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You’ve been there. I’ve been there more times than I care to admit. “There” is that moment when you admit, and determine to do something about, what you’ve already been sensing for a little while: Things in your ministry just aren’t clicking. You’re frustrated. You’re stagnant. You’re hitting the gas but can’t get traction. You’ve quit hitting the gas and are idle. You know something isn’t quite right, but can’t put your finger on it.

What do you do when things aren’t clicking? Here are a few places I’d look at first.

The Structure:
Oftentimes the various structures we have in place are like old wineskins, unsuitable for the current realities of our ministry. “structures” that may need to be reexamined might include your budget, your schedule, your ministry paradigm and strategy, your physical meeting space, etc.

The Team:
Ministries with healthy structures aren’t always healthy! Because ministry is “of the people, for the people”, the team leading the charge is usually highly instrumental in whether things are clicking or not. And, when looking at the team, the question isn’t, “are things clicking?” so much as it is, “Are we clicking?” Are people being used in their areas of giftedness? Do we trust each other? Can we disagree without being disagreeable? Are we all pulling on the same side of the rope? Do we have a clear sense of purpose? Is anybody a continual source of frustration and conflict?

The Leader:
This may come as a shock, but you aren’t a perfect leader. And your weaknesses affect (and sometimes infect) your ministry as much as your strengths. Because leaders are influencers, a ministry that isn’t clicking requires you to take a look at yourself, too. Are you spending time with the Father? Do you still have a passion for the movement you are leading? Do you still feel called to it? Are you pursuing a life of health (personal, spiritual, emotional, relational, financial)? Do you feel supported by your supervisor(s)?

When a ministry feels stuck, there’s rarely a silver bullet that will get things moving forward again. But I’ve learned over the years that the answer oftentimes lies in the structure, the team or myself.

Thiago-nascimento-opera-background-speaker-jpg1This week we continue with 4 tips on growing your youth ministry!!!

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Thiago-nascimento-opera-background-speaker-jpg1Ever thought how do I grow my youth ministry? Well, Kurt and I will spend the next few weeks discussing some ways to grow your ministry. So tune in!!!


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Thiago-nascimento-opera-background-speaker-jpg1Check it out!!!

This episode we give the top 6 areas to train small group leaders on, and AC interviews a parent on their expectations concerning small groups. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and send questions to



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It’s Okay to Use Curriculum

 —  September 26, 2014 — 2 Comments

Our student ministry had Kurt Johnston teach for us this past month.


(I tried to write that in my best Jon Lovitz impersonation)

TBH – that’s how “the kids” say “To be honest…” – we had Kurt “in house” via video.


physical-3058 (1)Our student ministry has been working through a DVD/discussion curriculum called “Smart Stuff.” It’s a super-practical walk through a handful of key verses in Proverbs.

To my students, Kurt “John-sTon” (that’s how they pronounce his name, over-emphasizing the “T”) seems like a “cool guy,” even though “that random guy in the background” in each video keeps them laughing.

In my world, Kurt’s a great guy who is one of the most generous servants to youth workers. I’ve gotten to know him better over the past few years as we’ve worked on different things together, including this blog. Before that, he was a name on books I saw in Christian bookstores and online.

That’s actually what I want to briefly mention.

It’s okay to use curriculum. 

Some of those names on books and teaching materials aren’t trying to get their name out there… they’re trying to serve you.

k13084729Think of it like crowd-surfing on the Church so you can serve your church.

You know it as well as I do – not every youth worker has the time to spend developing a lesson. In fact, if you have to choose between developing a lesson versus hanging out with teenagers, I’d suggest the latter… especially if you can rely on a quality piece of curriculum to give you some breathing space. Some are even quick downloads for when you’re on the go.

By no means am I advocating that you just copy-and-paste someone else’s stuff all year round, because even the best resources need your edits and adaptations. What I am suggesting is that if you’re a more relational youth worker than you are an epic speaker, play to your strengths. Even if you can teach well, don’t let your ego drive you to want to be the next preaching rockstar at the expense of letting someone else’s gifts shine, be it via video or through materials.

I used to be short-sighted and arrogant about this, assuming anyone who relied on “lessons in a can” wasn’t pulling their weight somehow in ministry. Like I said… it was short-sighted and arrogant. Now, I’m thankful for how many options there are out there for youth workers to feel the grander support of the Body of Christ, including from people who may not ever physically walk into your ministry space.

P.S. As a side note, after our first Wednesday in the “Smart Stuff” materials, my 13-year old son decided to start reading the book of Proverbs… and has been all this month. Coincidence?

P.P.S. No… it isn’t a coincidence. Thanks, Kurt John-sTon.