I’ve accepted an exciting responsibility from my senior pastor–probably the biggest project I’ve ever worked on.

My calling is to identify, challenge, and help develop the next generation of great leaders: people who will plant churches, become pastors at our regional campuses, or lead large ministries within Mariners Church.

The person that I’m looking to hire will need to fill the following general position: reach out to lost high school (or junior high) students, help them build their faith, and identify students who will become leaders. Would this type of ministry excite you? Might you be the kind of leader we need?

For you, does influence come naturally? When you walk into a room, no one wonders if you are a leader. You’re not insecure, you don’t have to be the center of attention. Instead, your confidence and convictions move you to motivate others.

Do you have a message that you’re bursting to share? You have the ability and the need to teach others. To quench this expression of your gifts would be to deny who God has called you to be.

You are always on the move, looking for opportunities to leverage. Failure isn’t an option, it’s inevitable because you’re constantly trying new things. This is a secret to your success.

For most people, rules are a wonderful necessity. But for you, rules are mere suggestions and the only way to discover a good rule is to break it. If you’re not given latitude, you’ll take it.

You’ll have plenty of time to hesitate and second-guess when you’re in a nursing home. Until then, life is all about TAKING ACTION. PROVOKING assumptions. INTERRUPTING the ruts. It’s all about making a massive impact for the Kingdom of God.

You aren’t just a self-starter, you have the ability to motivate others to become self-starters. You’re able to set things in motion for the kingdom.


Everyone can lead, because everyone can serve. This is, of course, is what Jesus taught. However, this position isn’t for everyone. I’m looking for leaders who lead leaders. This isn’t just BUZZspeak.

Our church is committed to developing leaders for the next generation and I’m looking for the right people.


The next step is to fill out an application at http://www.marinerschurch.org/job-openings.

Matt McGill is the Student Ministries Pastor at Mariner’s Church in Irvine, CA. You can check out his resources on Download Youth Ministry and his blog at Love God, Love Students.

Looking for a youth ministry position? Is your church looking for a youth pastor? Simply Youth Ministry has just launched their Youth Ministry Jobs site – might be a great place to start! Excited about the potential of this new tool …


I just spoke with my friend Justin Lathrop who let me know about a couple of great youth pastor openings that he is helping churches fill through HelpStaffMe and the William Vanderbloemen Group. One opportunity is for a larger church in California and the other is a good-size ministry in the South. Both are looking for experienced youth workers ready to make a move . Justin is going to be at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference this week if you’re here in Chicago, or you can click over to HelpStaff.Me and apply online.

If you’re interested in either position, or just want to work with them on potentially pairing you with a great church in the future, head over there and check them out. Good people, good opportunities.


Just talking to my friend Justin over at HelpStaff.Me and he mentioned an awesome new opening at LifeChurch.tv for a lead youth pastor at one of their campuses. This is something you might want to check out if you’re thinking God might be moving you on our you’re already searching. If there’s a church I would want to work for outside of Saddleback, it would sure be them! They’re on the leading edge of mult-site strategy and are a highly influential church. Here’s some of the details, head there for the rest:

LifeChurch.tv opened an exciting new campus in Yukon on Easter 2010. West of Oklahoma City in a community where many young families call home, you will find an incredible opportunity. Step into the role as the first youth pastor of this campus, which is running an average of 2300 on weekends. “It’s a blank canvass, we have a lot to work with, and the new youth pastor will have a chance to form the ministry and make it their own,” says campus pastor Scott Cornelius.