Free iPod Nano Band!!!

 —  December 10, 2012 — 4 Comments

I am always on the lookout for cool accessories that will protect my tech.  I just came across a couple cool gadget protectors, and they are kind of flashy.

The first is less about protection and more about form and function. It’s called the Loop Wrist Band. If you own a 6th gen iPod nano this is a great addition.  I have seen several wrist bands that turn the nano into a watch but this one is one of the best I have seen.  Light, silicone, decent price (one for $20 or a bundle of three for $50), safely and securely lock sinto place, and easy to clean. I like how small the 6th gen nano, sad Apple discontinued it.  But there are still millions out there and if you are one of those owners post a comment below saying “I WANT A LOOP WRIST BAND” with your email address and I will choose a winner Friday. If you do not win one head over to and pick one up.

The other item I liked on their site was the Mummy i5 case for the iPhone 5.  I have been looking for a slim case with a little grip, the Mummy i5 is just that and looks pretty cool in the process. The Mummy i5 is sold individually and in bundles of three.  This might be that cool yet functional gift you have been looking to give this Christmas!

Thanks Loop Attachment for the giveaway! NOW GET POSTING COMMENTS PEOPLE!

Trent Johnson – Thanks for reading, look for your email confirmation!!!

A couple weeks ago we noticed we were closing in on a significant milestone of friends on our student ministry’s Facebook page. We decided to give social media a little intentional push during announcements and also to hold a giveaway to one of the new friends as we went over the goal. Don’t be distracted by the number of friends – what’s the point here?

  • Set a goal - 3 months ago we had 1/3rd this number of friends. The goal made a huge difference.
  • Make your Facebook page worth visiting – mobile uploads are your friend. Score a volunteer to oversee updating of pictures and statuses. I would guess most people will visit your Facebook page before visiting in person.
  • Pictures speak volumes - a picture is worth a thousand words. Get some pictures of students having a great time at youth group online.
  • Give to get – yes, the iPod giveaway idea cost us, but gave us an open door of communication with a much larger group of students than we had last week.

Grow your Facebook influence and it will help grow your youth group.