I have heard the Microsoft Surface is pretty sweet. And there are some great things about an Android tablet depending on the quality and speed of the unit you buy (stay away from the $45 units you see at the grocery store). The BlackBerry tablets are…actually, the BlackBerry tablet was released, and I have not heard about it since (do they still exist?). I am an iPad/iPad mini user…how about you? What tablet are you using?

PlugBug Mac Adapter

Brandon Early —  November 11, 2013 — 2 Comments

I am trying to get some work done in an airport lobby, I need to plug in a couple of devices (so my batteries are full for the ride), but there is no room to plug in two devices.

Good thing I have my PlugBug from TwelveSouth. PlugBug is a USB wall charger that attaches to my MacBook Power Adapter. It allows me to charge my MacBook Pro and iPad or iPhone at once. If you do not have a PlugBug, you could just trickle charge your USB device from your Mac, but the PlugBug provides more power for a quicker charge.

Check out this short video and click over to TwelveSouth for the details!  It’s a great buy at $35!

PlugBug from Brandon Early on Vimeo.




InstaInstagram has been around for almost 3 years and has become one of the best (if not the best) photo sharing community! Filters, Likes, Friends, Shares…I love Instagram.  Vine has sort of been the Instagram of video…until today.  Now Instagram is the video of Instagram!  Today Instagram introduce Video in their app to bring motion to the stories we are all sharing.  Look in the app store for the latest update.

Here are some links to check out.
- Instagram blog: blog.instagram.com
- Video FAQ: help.instagram.com/442610612501386
- Download the latest version of Instagram: instagram.com

If you are using Vine will you stop with this new Instagram update?

I have a question that might bring us some interesting responses for you all today and it surrounds giving students a reward for bringing a friend or friends to an event. This is nothing new, whether a chocolate bar, a crisp picture of Honest Abe on a $5 bill, a discounted registration to an event or camp or as much as an iPad from a draw. Youth Pastors everywhere regularly and sincerely are rewarding students who invite their friends to an event.  So my question today is simply this:

Do you offer a reward / prize for students who bring someone new to youth and what is it? If you don’t why not? 

-Geoff @geoffcstewart

Super excited about the new iPad app from Simply Youth Ministry called Youth Ministry Wire. It is a simple but sweet FREE app that allows you to read a ton of youth ministry blogs in one place. Such good stuff! Check it out in the iTunes store and give it a review, too!


Here are 4 ways to better listen to the audio from an iPad.  There are tons of hacks out there but check these out.

I really like using Instagram, it takes cool pictures, has great filters, and it posts to my favorite social network sites.  There are a few things I would like to see added to Instagram like more control over the tilt-shift feature (they had it then took it away…weird), a “save original image to album” feature, and a better site that can be browsed.  I guess I can use other apps for those features but I love the simplicity of Instagram.  Because I use it so much I thought I would share a few of my favorite “Insta” sites on the web.

  • Extragram is a site that allows you to brows all you Instagram photos.  Forgot to save them?  No worries, just sign up and browse away. I also like Instagrid.me. Once you sign up you can give out your own personal web address and let others browse too. (FREE)
  • Instaport is a great find.  I have not saved all my past photos, not a problem with Instapost.  Sign up here and you can download all your pics in one simple zip file. (FREE)
  • Postagram sends your pics from your iPhone or Android directly to someone’s mail box. Check out this post I wrote last year on this great app. ($.99 covers printing and shipping)
  • Looking for cool pics from an event you wish you were at?  ”Search Instagram” is a great site for taking a look at the bigger picture. Check out these links; SYMC, Cubs, youthministry.  What to move through the pics more quickly? Click the “stop stream” and then you can scroll.

What are some of your favorite Instagram sites and uses?

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