So you have an iPhone. Congrats! First off, get over yourself (OK, you probably don’t need to hear that, but most do). I hope this post is helpful for you as you think about your time off from youth ministry. I think the new iOS 6 is a game-changer for youth ministry – been using a couple new things from the new update that are incredible. Let me tell you about the 2 features you need to turn on immediately and why I think they’re a big deal for us:

When you need to get away, or take some time off, slide your phone on Do Not Disturb Mode. It still allows data, logs your calls stays up to date – it just doesn’t alert you to that fact. If you are that person who doesn’t shut down or turn it off easily, let all of the alerts slip by but still have your phone for an emergency and when you’re ready to reengage you’re up to date. Set a recurring “off time” from 10pm-7am and set it manually on your day off.

I hate skimming email on my day off – it only takes one lousy email to ruin your time away. That thing you thought was settled, that parent who is frustrated, that co-worker who doesn’t have healthy boundaries either – so take that away and set your phone to not get their emails – actually you’re getting the emails but it will only display the ones you’ve manually put on the VIP list. If you’re looking to limit what you see when you’re off, this could be a great tactic. If you use your phone for personal and church use, use VIP to filter your inbox from work mode to friends mode in the flick of a switch.

What other ways can your phone operating systems help you with your day off?