Thought this was a good observation from Stephanie Caro over at – we may be telling students all of the time to “bring their friends to church” but hardly equip them to actually make such a huge ask. Here’s a little clip of her thoughts, head there for the complete article:

1 - Tell your students to call you ahead of time with the heads-up that they’re bringing a friend. You can make sure you’re ready and not running around setting up.

2 - Ask the students to pick their friends up instead of meeting them at the location so that the member can show the friend the secret to knowing where to find the youth room. I’ve seen some that were harder to find than what Nicolas Cage went through finding the National Treasure. (Throw up some signs, people!)

3 - Teach the students how to introduce their friends around to the others, where to sit, how to jump in on games, not to abandon their friends, etc.

4 - Have your students go over the typical evening’s schedule with their friends, so the friends feel like they’ve got the 411. A list of that night’s time frame might be nice to put up near the check-in table. I just use a dry erase board.