There’s enough research on the teenage brain to, well… wrinkle your brain.

brainsCountless books contain substantial thoughts on it, and sometimes that alone can make you feel like you’ll “eventually” get around to reading one of them… but “not just yet.”

The researchers at SciShow have stripped away your reasons to procrastinate on this any further by jamming it all into a practical, 10-minute presentation. Grab a notepad and be prepared to hit pause a few times as you work your way through this clever video. You just might want to link it to your leaders and parents while you’re at it so we can quit stereotyping students and actually understand them.

Be sure to jot down any observations or anecdotes here so we can all benefit. Thanks!


ParentMinistry.Net is hosting a free webinar this Tuesday, February 26 at 2 pm (Central) by Mark Oestreicher. Marko has literally written the book (A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the Teenage Brain) on this topic. You can go here to sign up and feel free to invite your parents to sign up as well!