This weekend I talked through the 5 things we’re doing this Winter/Spring for extended discipleship in our youth ministry. These is in addition to weekend services, Life Groups and the regular stuff we do. Some of these are very new, some of these are very old. Either way, we’re really pushing students to grow this next season:

  • Winter Camp – our spiritual growth retreat happens next weekend – there will be plenty of snow, student-taught workshops and main session teaching by some fantastic adult speakers.
  • Examine the Evidence – in a week our adult ministry is putting on a class in The Refinery for seekers, doubters and believers. The topic for the night is the Four Crucial Questions About Christianity. I’m excited to promote an opportunity for our students to grow in an adult environment, plus it is zero work and potentially a huge return for us.
  • Apologetics Series – In 2 weeks we start a new series called “Q” with one of the world’s-leading apologetics teachers Sean McDowell. He’ll be teaching us in our weekend services for 3 weeks.
  • The Grow Booth — this ongoing effort in HSM is packed with Bibles, studies, books and journals to help students grow on their own. We’ve given more stuff away this year than we have in a long time – Life Group leaders also have a “Grow on the Go” tub as well (more details on that here) so as they identify students who should take another step they have a resource to give them immediately.
  • Life Group Workshops – In March we’re launching a brand new idea for Life Groups, offering a series of workshops on topics you can attend only with your small group. One of our adult teaching pastors is teaching a 4-week study on the End Times, and one of our Life Group leaders will teach another set of classes on cults and other religions a few weeks later.

What are you doing to help students grow this Winter/Spring?


I couldn’t be more excited to launch a new non-program for discipleship in our ministry we’re calling Grow on the Go (actually we’re revising and bringing this back from HSM past). We’re taking some simple small plastic bins from Target and dropping in some great biblical resources to help our small group leaders challenge students to take a spiritual step. To get a fuller understanding of how small groups are connected to spiritual growth and discipleship, maybe check out 5 Parts to a Typical Small Group Night or 6 Ways to Help Small Group Students Take a Spiritual Step.

So when a Life Group leader recognizes an opportunity to challenge a student to grow on their own, they have some tools right there (or in the trunk of their car) at their disposal. So what’s inside the bins? Glad you asked! We put 1 or 2 of the following resources in the mobile version of our Grow Booth:

I’m convinced that including a little bit of training on these tools at the beginning of the year and putting them in leader’s hands will make a big difference!