Summer time is a season full of dreams and big ideas.  Despite programming we tell ourselves, “This will be the summer I…”  And we feel good about this, because going into the summer we feel like we have more time and energy.  In reality nothing could be further from the truth.  Your calendar changes, and in some cases becomes busier.

Summer is supposed to be a time when we follow through on our ideas and set goals to achieving them.  However, as your time disappears before your eyes you wonder, “How are any of my ideas going to happen?”  It’s a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness; however, to make ideas happen you need to:

Create Steps: If a dream is too big, it will always seem daunting.  Look at creating mini mile markers to achieving it.  When you reach each step, celebrate because you are one step closer.

Write Them Down EVERYWHERE: When you write it down you are more than likely to remember.  The idea is no longer a wishful thought; but a tangible initiative.  Write it down in places where you will frequently see it, so that you don’t lose site.

Make Them Public:  There is nothing better than accountability to help you towards your ideas.  By making it public you are giving permission for people to ask you, “What happened to that Facebook page you said you were going to create?” or “I thought you said we would have new t-shirts this fall.” It might be humbling; however, it’ll keep you from falling away.

Delegate: You might come up with many ideas; however, have a hard time executing them, that’s okay.  If you find creating goals is easier than following through on them, find people who are workers and doers.  Build a team around you that’s going to carry your ideas through the mundane paperwork, charts and spreadsheets.

Creating goals and building dreams is an organic process that needs to be continuously moving.  Sometimes we come up with 75% of a great idea and the tendency is to kill it.  Write it down and don’t be afraid to look at it later.  Ideas are organisms, just like you and me they need to grow.

How do you help your ideas grow?

Chris Wesley is the Director of Student Ministry at Church of the Nativity in Timonium, MD. You can read more great youth ministry articles and thoughts on his exceptional blog Marathon Youth Ministry.